ON JULY 27, 2006 AT 11:10 AM


“We have requested this little one to speak on an issue of importance because of what you all understand to be, because of the time you have spent working on Words that give hope, strength, consideration, and worthwhile motivations to walk the human role in the manner and way it was designed to accomplish many Souls to return to The Creator of All Things.

We hold the little one tightly, because the Words We instill in her and ask you to put into print for her, are very important because of what They speak and how They cover issues, conditions and necessary possibilities that are not always evident in the daily manner of living.

What you stand for on this day is more than you think, because as you have accepted the dignity, the responsibilities, and the importance of certain Facts that are based on Who I Am, because I Am The Holy Trinity.

I walk each day observing what is important for the Souls of those who are present and those who will walk in the midst of others, hopefully giving good example, and registering to others with a desire to help them know that in the Creation of human life, in the Design of it and for it, called ‘the Soul’, but there is a beat of the heart for what is important spiritually, morally, mentally, physically, even scientifically, because of what it stands for, but also, what it endures because of the Importance of the Soul.

Every human being is the custodian of a Soul.  The Soul is not seen, but It is obvious through what an individual understands to be.  Without the Soul, human life would be like all other things created:  no exact purpose, no Divine Purpose, except for perhaps a different condition, situation, motivation or intention.

I want to talk longer because I care for everyone in the world, because of the Souls that are oftentimes not cared for, and this is a sadness to see, a sadness to watch, because the Soul is a Portion of The One Who Created All Things.

I want to talk longer, but I have just been told that what I have spoken on this day will help many who read These Words, and there will be many more given later.”

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