ON JULY 14, 1998 AT 12:20 PM


“I am The Second Person of The Holy Trinity.

It is difficult for many to believe that so Many speak at ‘this time’ in the life of mankind, but We do, and All that is spoken is of Great Importance for human life, and for the Souls of human life, because the Souls are a Portion of The Creator that must be cared for, cared about, and kept in a Pure State of Being.

All that an individual does reflects in his or her Soul.  You can compare this to the sight through the eyes of a human being, the memory in the brain.  These two facets of human life, these two features, remember all that they come in contact with, but also are attracted immediately to what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is evil.

We hear so much rejection regarding This Gift of The Father’s Love, only because mankind must, in conscience and truth, make decisions of what is right over what is wrong, what is good over what is evil.  Human life has abilities that no other living matter or things have; first of all, an inner understanding, connected to the Soul, of what is right, what is wrong.

This Gift of Divine Love placed into human life, is far more Important than mankind understands It to be.  If mankind would place as much Importance on this Particular Gift of Divine Love, instead of basing so much importance on the abilities that each one feels they are capable of, or the importance of how others think about them.

There are so many Gifts to human life that have great advantages to man’s abilities, but the most important part of human life is how an individual respects, honors what his or her Soul is the recipient of, never ignoring that everything in speech, actions, thoughts, reflect in the Soul that is the One Portion that will return to The Father, and is the Greatest Gift that human life has, that no other living matter or thing is the recipient of.  So be it.”

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