ON JANUARY 25, 2001 AT 12:43 PM


“As I was crucified man’s way a long time ago, it was due to the fact that mankind totally ignored what a Blessing human life was.

There was much envy, jealousy, hate, in ways that had no purpose, no reason.  It is now as it was in those days.  Mankind talks about violence, but how many are themselves being violent against many issues that are important morally, mentally, spiritually, physically?

Mankind has ignored the Value of human life, the Purpose for it, and the way that it was designed to make human life different than all other living matter or thing.  Human life has been given an intellect, a sense of justice, and a Purpose, plus a Goal.  The Goal is never thought about because men, women and children cannot see a physical goal.

You live in a time worse than any other time in the History of human life.  There is very little rational understanding of the importance of The Commandments I instructed to be given a long time ago.  I could go through These Commandments indepthly, but the average person, or I should say most individuals reading My Words, would ignore the indepthness of the importance, because it does not — and so they feel — be a part of their living daily life.

There are many ways to kill the Spirit, the intellect, the hope, and there are many ways to kill the body.  This occurs daily, because I see it occur, and it is a great sadness to Me, because as The Creator, I determine when an individual’s Soul will return to Me.

If you were to take an accounting of how many individuals, all ages, truly believe that within them they have a Portion of Me, they would immediately question: ‘What could It be?  Even God cannot divide Himself in millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of Pieces’; thus ignoring the Importance of all things.

As I leave you, I speak with Deep Love, Deep Concern, because you do live in a time worse than any other time in the History of human life.  Remember this.  So be it.”

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