ON MARCH 7, 2001 AT 1:28 PM


There are Several Saints standing:  One is Saint Anthony of Padua.  One is Saint Benedict.  One is Saint Anastasia.

He’s smiling.  He said: “You have prayed to Me much.” It’s Our Lord.


“The little one The Father chose for a Task beyond what a human being would want, would expect, would feel adequate, at this time throughout the world, is the Greatest Gift human life can have through one voice, one in total obedience, and one dedicated to service in concern over the Souls of millions of human beings.

Today as We All gather in a manner in which you gather to communicate, to share important things, as I speak, it is with Deep Concern and Divine Love, because you see, The Father wants every man, woman and child to remember that birth in the human way is ‘a special thing’.  During one’s lifetime an individual enjoys reaching for goals, accomplishments, success.  In reality, this is basically what human life was gifted with innately at the moment of conception.

In the beginning of time, there were so many steps for human life to learn about, and in many ways practice, because it was innate in the human mind to want progress, to forge ahead, even though at that time they did not fully understand what they felt.

Today, in the time that millions of human beings live, work, and use each day in the manner they are accustomed to, or they have learned a routine about, many enjoy having goals, many enjoy just the day, not truly concerned about many things happening to them, for them.  Every human life, though it appears the same, the mental is quite different, due to many things that occurred in the learning years.

At this time, there is a great need for This Gift of Divine Love, because with so many distractions in worldly things, and so-called ‘humanistic practices’, human beings of all backgrounds need to know that human life has a Goal beyond what it is used to reaching, or I should say, trying to reach in the human way.

Also, human life is gifted with a Portion of The Creator, and this Gift is Far Greater than a human being knows or can perceive It to be, because this Gift of Divine Love gives balance to morality, and when an individual ignores what is morally sound, correct, the Soul pays a great price, because the Soul, in Its Purity because of from Where It came, is a victim many times, in many ways.

There has been so much controversy over the Importance of a Soul, because It is never seen by the human eye, but in one way this is not so.  The Soul of another individual is seen through what the individual practices, and how they discuss what they think.  Their basic values say many things about them, and also, how they individually show in some manner, some way, some degree, that they believe wholeheartedly that they are in service to a Higher Being, and know instinctively they should please The Higher Being before they accept anything in the human way that would be impure morally, mentally, physically, spiritually.

I have spoken differently on this day, but it is important for many to read My Words.  Hopefully, the Words will give some strength to how some individuals live each day, and also, what they are all about.  The Father knows, because He is The One Who instilled in them a will to follow, a mentality to be able to express all they are capable of doing, and also, the importance of prayer to a Divine Being.

I could speak hours, because there is so much yet to be revealed on the Importance of human life, and its Close Communication and Connection to Divine Will.  So be it.”

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