ON DECEMBER 18, 1971 AT 11:17 AM


“My children, I am your Heavenly Mother and I embrace you in My Arms as I speak to you now, and I say, ‘I understand your little way and I love you, for God created you one special day.’ Each child was created out of God’s Love.  Remember this when you pray.  You are His Love.  All children who are born to the world are born of God’s Love.  Keep this knowledge close to you and hold it in your heart each day, so when you pray you will know God is close to you.

I am going to ask each child here to daily say the Beads I love dear.  Say it with those you love and encourage others to do the same; and when you feel tired, through the Beads, ask your Guardian Angel to help you to the end.  Keep these Beads close to you, My little ones, day and night, for they are a protection for you.  Keep this in mind.  Children of all ages should keep this habit every day, to say the Beads of Love, of Truth; the Beads, My Way.

I will not keep you longer for I am full aware that the love you came in here today is full, and now I say: ‘I bless you and I enfold you in My Mantle for every day.  Keep purity in mind, be modest, be obedient, and do not let others help you stray; and keep in mind the bouquet that the beloved Saint Bernadette requested you to give to God your way.’  So be it.”

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