ON APRIL 6, 1999 AT 1:30 PM


“Man says: ‘I am told I am the custodian of a Soul, responsible for It because It is a Portion of The Creator, called “God”.

‘I am also told that the Soul I am the custodian of will remain long after I am gone.

‘I am also told that the Soul that was given to me at the moment of my conception was chosen especially for me, to take care of, to be responsible for and to.

‘I have also been made aware that human life has a Great Purpose, because of this Soul that is instilled at the moment of my conception.  Not just historical Writings tell me that there is Something Special within me, because I feel Something I cannot see, I cannot touch, but I know of Its Presence constantly.

‘I also know that in my knowledge of what is pure in my actions, my thinking, my words, also tells me when I am impure in any of these things.  I am told that human life is Special, Gifted, and has a Great Goal.’

As I speak today, I speak with a Deep Love for All that is instilled in all human lives, because it gives to human life hope, and a closeness to The Divine that no other living matter or thing is capable of.

So many things are important for the world of human life to know about, but the enemy of God and man uses many sources, forces, conditions and misinterpretations to distract what is important, for what is easily recognized as replacing the instinctive knowledge of purity over impurity, Divine Love over selfish obligations.

I could speak hours and hours and hours on these subjects, but mankind is able to remember when important subjects have a conciseness, and are obvious factors, features innate in human capabilities that the mind can cope with.

I could speak hours and hours and hours, instructing mankind of all natures, all degrees of intelligence, all personalities, but The Father has Declared that mankind learn more about the Importance of human life in terminology that is within the understandings that mankind is used to coping with.  So be it.”

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