ON APRIL 22, 1999 AT 1:12 PM


“The word ‘dignity’ regarding human life, to many people expresses the manner in which an individual lives, works, acts, and uses his or her talents to aid them in some source, force, course, manner of life.

It is important that men, women and children fully understand that dignity in every area of life gives strength to those an individual is associated with, whether it be through birth, friendship, or in some form of association that brings them together, in expression of their beliefs in a Greater Entity of Creation.

This Gift The Father has given to the world is a Gift to enlighten all of mankind on the Importance of what the human life is capable of morally, mentally, spiritually. This fact is oftentimes ignored, blaming culture or other people, on an individual not being able to set high standards for how they live, how they act, what impression they leave on others, what example they are to others.

A Gift of the Dimension of This Gift encourages men, women and children to value the Gift of human life, never to ignore its Purpose or the closeness it is to The Creator.  We hear so many individuals cast aside what is so logically sound, ignoring totally that human life has a Goal above all other creations of living matter.

Many times an individual, or several individuals, are gifted with talents that will put their name down in History, because of what they were able to show they were able to accomplish in the human way.  Mankind many times thrives on this type of recognition, but mankind must remember that the Most Important Portion of human life is the Soul that never should be surrendered to the enemy of God and man.  It must always be remembered to be kept pure, through the actions, the speech, the talents, the abilities, and all the mundane, necessary actions that man must practice each day while alive.  The day comes for each human being to be accountable.

All that has been delivered through This Gift of Divine Love must never be cast aside, but looked upon as a Gift of Divine Love, above and beyond any gift that mankind could achieve from his or her own talent.

I bless the world with a Love beyond what mankind understands love to be, for as The Heart of The Son beats, It beats with Life for all human beings to be returned to The Father as He Wills It, a Saint.  Do not feel it cannot be, it can.  You have the will, you have the way, you have the ability.  So be it.”

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