ON OCTOBER 3, 2001 AT 12:45 PM


“I am Saint Athanasius.  You live in a time of many heresies.”

“I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori.  You live in a time of many ways in which people find to annihilate other human beings.”

“Saint Josaphat.  Family respect is, to many, a thing of the past.”

“I am Saint Constantine.  There are many errors in legal decisions that are ignored.”

“Saint Boniface.  Spiritual understanding is according to an individual’s likes or dislikes.”

“I am Saint Peter Canisius.  Learning is not what it should be.  It has more personal opinion on how it should be accomplished for the good of the one who is the student.”

“I am Saint Aloysius.  Spiritual matters, manners, goals, perception, is weakened because of so little correct instruction.”

“I am Saint Pius V.  Human beings disregard what is morally sound, and accept what is morally acceptable according to the time in which you live, even when it is immoral in every concept of it.”

“I am Saint Peregrine.  Those who follow in the so-called ‘religious vocation’ of life, many times use it or even refuse it to be totally dedicated to The Divine.”

“I am Saint Bernadette.  Many individuals of all ages may mention the purpose and reason for the Beloved Holy Rosary, but in many areas it is never practiced.

This list is endless, because All Saints would like to add to the list to awaken human minds that they do live in a time of more rejection of what is Divine, than acception of what is morally sound and pleasing to The Divine.

There are Many Saints Here in the Heavens Who, in a humanly term, are ‘aghast’ at what is occurring in the so-called ‘religious circles’ of the world.  They All plead with The Father to make it stop.  He says, ‘I will,’ but He said:”


“There is so little sincere understanding of My True Existence.  That is why I have given to the world a Gift of My Divine Love through one small voice. The voice, though it is small, speaks My Words, thus making My Words the Important Part of This Great Gift.

Human beings of all ages, human life of all ages, has in so many ways put more emphasis on the human part, and have and has utterly rejected that within them they have a Living Portion of Me, else they would not be human, and this Portion is called ‘a Soul’.

I could speak hours, but I want What I have spoken thus far, and have allowed Many Saints to speak, to be passed throughout the world in spite of what the language is, they claim it to be.

I bless those who walk in Honor of Me, but in many ways the work has just begun.  The Foundation has been laid.”

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