ON JANUARY 7, 1999 AT 1:09 PM


“I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.  With Me stands Saint Mary Magdalene, Saint Bonaventure, Saint Therese of Lisieux, Saint Aloysius, and yes, The One Who will speak is Our Beloved Heavenly Mother.

Mankind depends upon History in learning about Spiritual matters, personages, practices and events.  It is important that mankind take each story and treasure it, because in so many ways, it can give strength to the human way of life.  Each generation of mankind is faced with individuals understanding a given subject, in a different degree, than the ones who came before them.

Today as We take turns speaking, it is to encourage, enlighten, and contribute Divine Love to human love, in understanding what a Precious Gift human life is, and has been in all generations since its beginning.  At different times The Father has Blessed mankind with a Communication, choosing ‘one individual’ to deliver What He Willed mankind to understand more indepthly, on a subject important to the Soul of not one person, one individual, but to thousands or millions of individuals, giving them Strength morally, physically.

Today as I speak, it is important that This Gift of The Father’s Love be forced into areas beyond this point wherein We speak.  The world is in moral chaos, practicing so much immorality and declaring it ‘the human way’.  In order for mankind of all ages, all mentalities, all opinions, to find strength, help, hope, and the right goal, many changes must take place mentally, physically, morally, and of course, spiritually.  So many profess to understand the Spiritual facts that they follow, they decree to be as The Father Wills it to be.

Today as I speak openly, there are many who fantasize, because it is easier for them to understand what they should see in a more realistic evaluation.  Fantasy has no place in sound belief, sound understanding, sound practice of moral values.

The world has been Blessed at different times with Direct Communication through ‘one voice’, but oftentimes, no matter how genuine, how understanding the voice is, somehow or other weakness creeps in, doubt creeps in, jealousy creeps in, denial creeps in, and the purity of what is beneficial is diluted to a degree that it is eliminated, ignored, cast aside.  This is a sadness, because there have been many times The Father has chosen ‘an individual’ to give Hope, based on human sacrifice of time and many other things, but in so many ways jealousy appears, criticism becomes vile and violent, and What The Father Wills mankind to be Blessed with, erupts into nothing but a foul achievement for those who disbelieve.  So many times mankind has been Blessed through This Gift that The Holy Spirit, Saint Joseph, is the Custodian of.

Today as These Words flow forth, hopefully They will pass on to many others, encouraging all degrees of intelligence, all degrees of Spiritual understanding to value the Truths that have come through This Gift for a very long time.  It is sad to see jealousy, envy, because in it there is only weakness.  If mankind will but remember, Judas was weak, and paid dearly for it.

As Many of Us speak through This Gift, the little one The Father uses recognizes a Judas, says nothing, but prays for the individual or individuals to become strong, more understanding, and thankful at the same time for being awakened to the Fact that they have a Soul, and the Soul will be victimized by their intentions, their lack of seeing the reality of what is so beneficial to their human way of life, to their Spiritual growth, and for their fuller understanding of the importance of how they think, speak, act, react, and are example of.

As this little one is held deeply, it will be two days before We can release her fully.  The necessity for this is because of the body’s tiredness, weakness, that Our time with her causes.  What is occurring here is not a natural phenomenon.  It is a Highly Spiritual Gift of Divine Love, giving to human beings of all denominations, Hope, and a fuller understanding of the closeness human life has to The Divine.  So be it.”

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