ON JULY 27, 2001 AT 12:53 PM


Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Saint Bernadette, Saint Benedict.  He’s smiling, when He says this.  Saint Pius The Tenth, Saint Gregory The Great, Saint Robert Bellarmine, Saint Josaphat, Saint Columbkille, and Many more.

“I, Saint Joseph, will speak. The little one We All use pleads for the Souls who sin so much, because of the ones in whom They were placed.

Today as We All join in, she keeps questioning Us on which One she must listen to, but it is difficult for her.  It is the most difficult part of This Gift of The Father’s Love, when she must submit or commit to such an Array of Figures Here in the Heavens.

We hold her tightly, for if We did not, her little body would break under the Power We are, because Each of Us radiates a Power unbelievable to the human understanding.  We are All smiling, because Our Heavenly Mother said She would speak, to save the child from the weight of so Many of Us.

I am your Heavenly Mother.  It is important that the whole world learn about This Gift of Divine Love, because each Soul placed in a human life, must depend upon the human life for the condition of the Soul, and Its Future.

I speak differently today, because there is so much misunderstanding regarding all that a human life is about.  Most thoughts are placed on the flesh, on the human part.  Many other thoughts are placed on the intellects, and the importance of them.  It is rare We hear an individual ask if they are in the State of Grace, and what the condition of his or her Soul looks like.

Just because the Soul is not seen, it has been instructed many times, that the Soul is a Portion of The Creator, placed into each human body to give it what no other living matter or thing is gifted with:  the importance of understanding that there is a Goal to human life.

Throughout life most men, women and children seek goals:  monetary, materialistically and emotionally.  The list is endless, but This Gift of Divine Love has been given so that all of human life could come to the realization that the Greatest Goal each one can reach is through their Soul, to become ‘a Saint’, returning to The Father; first called ‘a Soul’, and then bearing the Title of ‘Saint’.

All through life human beings enjoy progress.  The Greatest Progress a human being can accomplish is the day they enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and they are greeted as ‘a Saint’.

I know I have spoken differently than I usually speak, but My Words are of Great Importance, because this Fact, this Factor of human life is rarely thought about.  It is time that It become a daily consideration, and also, an innate desire to accomplish, because It is a Gift of Divine Love that no other living matter or thing ever receives.  It is the Highest Honor in Divine Love.

I could speak hours, and yet What I have spoken hopefully will awaken the minds of thousands of human beings on the Importance of their life, and its Goal.  So be it.”

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