ON OCTOBER 6, 2000 AT 12:45 PM


There are Two Saints:  Saint Augustine, Saint Aloysius.

“All that passes through This Gift of Divine Love is of Great Importance to all of mankind, all races, all colors, all creeds, because there is so much being delivered, not just in an informative way, but a way of Instruction for the Souls of millions of human beings, irregardless of their background, their age, their mentality, or their heritage.

At different times in the History of human life, a peak would be reached that mankind wouldn’t have reached regarding morals, values, educational facts, figures, degrees.

When This Gift for The Beloved Saint Joseph was first announced to some, they stood in awe over the fact that It was possible, It was occurring, but then many fell by the wayside because of the interpretation of those who felt they were capable of discerning a truthful, or perhaps an imaginative happening.

Today the world is in great need for This Gift, because there is no place throughout the world that The Father has Blessed this abundantly.  It is important that All that has been delivered be sent to places unknown to you now, but there are Souls awaiting in Their own way, for Their own reason, what All of Heaven is saying now.

Children are not being instructed properly on what a True Gift human life is.  There is so much emphasis on so many other occupations, entertainments, and attention to behavioral acceptances that are just entertaining for a moment or a short time.

It is important that all obstacles be rejected to This Gift of Divine Love being spread throughout the world.

As I speak to you today, it is a request that Every Word not be held back, because the one Word you may decipher to be unimportant may be the one Word, one Subject that will be of great importance to one or more individuals of different backgrounds, different mentalities.

Today as I speak to you openly, I know you are listening, and I also know that through those who are taking This into the written manner, will help to spread This Gift throughout the world.  I ask you also to ignore the fact that others do not speak your language, but you have an obligation when you know Truth, especially when the Souls of millions of individuals depend upon Truth, to use every effort you can, mental, physical, to see that These Words enter other lands.

So Many of Us have spoken on different subjects, and The Father has Willed that This Miracle of Divine Love, This Gift of His Divine Love, help millions of men, women and children to more indepthly understand that human life is a Gift of Divine Love, and bears within it a Portion of The One Who created it, because there is a Goal for the Soul.

As I leave you, you cannot see My Blessing to you, for you, but hopefully you will understand that Everything that is delivered through one voice is because of the Great Love there is for the Creation The Father gave, called ‘man’.  So be it.”

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