ON NOVEMBER 29, 1999 AT 12:59 PM


“I am Saint Aloysius.

Human life has the ability to learn many things, to adjust to many changes in life, and to perpetuate good will in many areas of life, but human life oftentimes does not see the results of what he or she has done, or is capable of doing.

Today as I speak to you, I speak with a deep Love for human life, for do not forget, I walked the road, experienced many things, many decisions; so as I speak, I understand what every man, woman and child must face, must act upon, and must admit to the results, whether the results be good, impure, or just.  Men, women and children instinctively know right from wrong, but they do not always think of the importance of the results in what they say, what they do, what they practice, and what example they are to others.

Many Saints stand Here with Me, and desire only that human beings of all ages read What The Father has Willed to be read through This Important Gift of His Divine Love, then use to good advantage the proper important actions, thoughts, words, deeds, and emotional input where it is best suited.

All of The Saints, bar none, walk with this little one every moment of every day, waiting for the time to be told to speak, giving encouragement to all who will read, all who will listen, all who will imitate the Importance of human life because of the Soul that each one is the custodian of; also, to remember that being the custodian bears a responsibility beyond what any individual realizes they are the one responsible for, in more ways than they truly understand.

The Father has given to the world a Gift Greater than any gift mankind can imagine a gift to be, because This Gift of His Divine Love, The Father has given the responsibility to a small handful of individuals, the right, the ability, the knowledge to use their will to instruct others, to be example to others, and to be able to put into writing the Words of Instruction from Everyone Here Who is requested to dictate These Messages for the whole of mankind to read, to follow, to accept, and to live by.

As I leave you today, I sincerely desire, hope, pray, that no Word delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Love is not seen, not passed out, because of the Importance of Every Word for the benefit of Souls to be returned to The Creator for All Time.  So be it.”

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