ON FEBRUARY 10, 1975 AT 8:45 PM


“I have disrupted this child’s life many times.  I have awakened her at many hours when men found sleep necessary.  I have brought to life many of My Desires through a child who belongs to Me complete.  The world does not know what such a child endures physically for men, to not compete, but to complete My Will in the world.

I am not a satisfied God nor I am a mere Entity that men sometimes apply to My Way.  I am Divine.  I am The Creator.  I am The Light.  I am a Mystery, but do not forget, I am The Beginning and The End.

I, one time, had a child.  Men called her ‘Joan’.  She walked a given path, one of a warrior.  I used her to the ultimate degree planned for that time and My need.  And now, once again, I use a child in the manner I used Many Others.  This one errand for Me soon will be as Joan walked for The Holy Trinity: a warrior, not only with the Sword but with the Love of Reality.  Soon I will send Joan’s parallel to a place, and other places, too, for men to see not heresy, but Truth, Fact, Logic, Reality, Stability, and yes, Hope.

Men are now trying to decipher what this child is all about, and this child says to the world, ‘I am but an instrument of God’s Light.’ Men are sitting around in rooms, trying to diminish the child’s way, but in their physical heart, in their knowledge, they cannot totally cast her away for they see a mere stream of Truth, and where there is this mere stream of Truth, this Ray of Hope, there could be Me.  So, do not forget, as you go your way, think, love, hope, trust, act, and yes, serve Divine Way.

I am speaking slowly, for the child’s physical is ready to collapse.  I am speaking distinctly, so at no time can you say the Word was slurred in any way and you did not hear It pass.  I have sent Most of My Saints; that is, the Ones you know the best, to the world through this child, not to test but to give to you firsthand My Love, and to teach you as My Son once did:  direct, clear; Fact, no fiction; Light, Truth, Hope, and that ever streaming Light, Ray, of My Will for you in every way.

The child is but an instrument, but I, your Father, say to you, ‘An instrument is sometimes misused by many men.’ Men sometimes are very, very rough with an instrument, for they say it can be replaced easily.  All ‘the instruments’ I sent to the world had moments when men treated them roughly.  They were blasphemed, they were abused in every way.

Let Me begin with My very Own Son.  He was beaten, abused, ridiculed, and even crowned.  The Blood flowed all around, but men did not care.  They said, ‘If You are King, let the Power You are, rise above our acts against You.’

He stood, He looked into their eyes and He said: ‘I am a King of the Kind you have not touched in the physical role.  I am a King Who has Great Control but I am a King of Great Love.  It is you who are in distress.  I have come, not to favor you, but to free you.  I have come, not to serve you, but to love you.  I have come, not to be crowned as a King by you, for I already have a Crown far different than the crown you know one to be.  I have come out of Love for the Whole of The Holy Trinity.’

I sent The Beloved Mary, Part of Me, to the world.  She came; men did not understand the Beauty She walked in, the modesty in which She gave the dignity to every role She partook in.  They did not truly understand, and there were many around who were jealous of Her, but in Her Love for Me, in Her Love of Me, She stood in the humble ground.

And then, The One Whom, for all this time men felt was a mere man, was Another Part of Me, the Part of Me that I wanted men to imitate; I wanted the man who headed the family to see what I wanted for him to be.

I gave the Example of Motherhood, I gave the Example of Priesthood, I gave the Example of Fatherhood; All Parts of Me.  How else could These Parts have been so Perfect?  How else could These Parts have refrained from the weaknesses that were so evident in that time?

And then, I gave to the world examples in that time:  traitor, Judas; the Apostles.  I gave to men the stability of the Church; the stability of The Vessel I gave as Mary.  I gave Peter, I gave Andrew and All the rest.  I gave you Someone to imitate, Someone to love, Someone to cling to, and yes, I left upon the earth Great Announcements of other men.  The Names you know.  There were more than most of you know.  The Ones you are used to is the Great Peter, the Rock, and yet the one who denied; and yet, when he felt inside the Beauty of What I had given, he could not stand his denial.  I gave you Many, Many.  I gave you Moses, Who gave you, from Me, The Rules to live by.

And then, I will give you the Names of the Ones you know so well.  The beloved Teresa of Avila; how else, as you say, ‘There is strength in the convent, there is strength in the religious way, there is strength in a woman who stands strong and yet loved the world.’

I gave you the little One but strong-willed, Therese of Lisieux.  She stood strong, firm, and like a giant, ‘To do the little things,’ she always said.  But I watched over her and I said, ‘Oh, Therese, you are clever, and in your cleverness, I await you, for your little way will give other men the idea that it is not the menial tasks that men should deny themselves in any way, but to use them to love Me in every way.’ So, I allowed this child of Mine, this chosen One, to say, ‘I will find the little way to Him in my own way.’

She was clever and lovely and beautiful.  She was willful, because she would say to Me in the quiet of an hour: ‘I am coming to You, God, know this; the little or the big way, but do not deny me Your Presence because that is what I aim to have.  I love You with my whole being every day.’ You know Her.  They belittle Her, and just as they did Joseph, they said His was the humble, small way, the Quiet One, the Silent One.  And I smile and say, ‘You have Two Great Saints Here.’ He was of Divine Way, She was of the light way.

She was brilliant in her way, and she used to trick Me in saying that I loved her, because she’d say, ‘I served You little today, God, I will serve You more tomorrow.’ And I would say, ‘Yes, child, be sure you do it,’ and she’d say, ‘I will.’ But then, when the morrow came she would say, ‘I can find nothing too big or big enough for You.’ And I would say, ‘Have you looked well enough, My Therese?’ And she would say, ‘Well, I looked as close as I could and as far as I could, but You have me behind walls.’

So she would trick Me and I loved every moment of it, for you see, in her little way she said to Me, ‘I am so little, my God, cherish me.’ But, she gave to the world the humility, the love, not trickery; but, not emotionally, but as a child she would come and she would say, ‘I would want to sit on Your Knee if You were close by,’ and I would say, ‘I am close by.’ And she would say, ‘Then I am too busy, I guess, to see You,’ and I would say, ‘No, but you are not too busy to work for that star in the sky.’ So she would say, ‘All right, my God, I will take the little way, but remember, I loved You very much, I love You.’ And I would smile and say, ‘She will be example for children who cannot feel that they can do the great things in life.’

And now, let Me take you to Others Who walked in great strife.  The beloved Augustine, oh, how he mourned for himself, and then one day he found Me and he said, ‘Oh, Heavenly Father, I love You so much.’ And I smiled down upon him and I said, ‘I am glad you are at last returning My Love, Augustine, for I have always had My Eye upon you.’ And so, Augustine, declared to be a Great Saint, but he really did not know what Sainthood was.  So remember, My children, neither do you.  You must walk in Faith, in hope, in love, in trust.

And then there was a Beautiful One, Saint Martin de Porres.  Men have downed Him always in a humble way, and He says, ‘Oh, My God, thank You for every test, thank You for the beauty of humility, thank You for giving Me the path, thank You for letting Me be the little broom that You did use at last.’

And then there was Another One, the Beautiful One; and, of course, no more beautiful than the Rest, but He is serving Me much in This Great Miracle of Hope, and He, too, had to face many tests, the beloved Alphonsus.  You say: ‘He comes in so much lately.  He teaches us so much and He’s constantly telling us, in detail, what God wants of us.’ And I say: ‘Yes, I have sent Him.  He was a learned man and I use Him much in the Heavens, for you see, He truly trusted in My Plan.’

I could go on and on and on, for so Many have spoken through this child.  I have allowed it and I have Willed it to be, for This Great Miracle of Light, of Hope, bearing the Name of a Son of The Divinity, The Beloved Joseph must become known throughout the world, must be seen for What It is.  And, children must begin to know that when the Pronouncement came, ‘The Family was Holy’, remember, They had to be of My Way to give you the Exactness that I wanted you to walk in, the Beauty I wanted you to see, and the Perfection I wanted you to follow, and the Modesty and the Hope and the Love that I Am; for a human being would have lacked one little link of This Great Part of Me.  I am All Perfection.  I am All Things.  I am All Good.  I am The Holy Trinity.

I give you My Love and I give you My Hope.  I have given you a Miracle for you to cling to, for you to stand for, and for you to stand in, for you to reach through, for Me.  I have given you a Light to see.  I have given you a moment of courage.  I have given you My Hand to cling to.  I have given you My Heart to see, to touch, to know, to love, to feel and to want.

I have given you all things through This Miracle bearing the Name of a Saint men want to hold down in a human way.  They want Him to be human.  Why?  Because they feel if He were Divine, they would have more to live up to, and they would have to stand stronger and straighter; but, to feel that He were human at all times, they would feel that He must have had a weakness.

And I say to you through a child, ‘His Strength was Mine; His Humility, Mine; His Service to Me, Divine; His Hope, that My Will would be done, carried on to the last moment, the last breath.’ And then, when He arrived back to Me, He said: ‘Father, King, stop what is going on upon that earth.  They are desecrating The Holy Way.’ And I had to say to Him: ‘Remember, Son, He was My Son first.  You walked the earth for Me.’ And He bowed His Head in Reverence and Honor and He said, ‘Thy Will, My God, not Mine to be.’

But He had the Power, and let Me tell you this:  Let yourselves know at this moment now, that He could have returned to the world and destroyed My Plan.  He had the Power to do this.  He was of Me, but His Love, His Service, His Hope and the Beauty of His Way, the Part of Him that said He was not the Highest, He was a Part, a Facet of Whom I Am, and that told Him that He must stand aside and wait.

What joy there was in the Heavens when the Consummation came.  What joy there was, and the Angels sang.  The Angels sang great songs, and one day they will be heard throughout the world, because the Angels knew that men now would have that ultimate chance to return to Me their Soul.

You have been given a Miracle.  You have been given My Love.  You have been given Hope.  And, I say to you, ‘I come to the world now.’ I want warriors to stand up to the men who are bold, who are following heresies, a number untold.  I want you to stand, and stand in Truth, and say: ‘You are a heretic if you follow that weak way.  Emotionalism is not God’s Way, but peace and tranquillity, service and love, humility and patience, and Divine Will must be the Goal for all men to go Above.  Not human acclaim, not human way, but the Beauty of God’s Love must be seen above all things.’

Men must stop being arrogant, men must stop being the way they are.  They are lacking self-discipline.  They think it is a thing of the past, a thing afar.  And I say to you now from the Heaven Where I am, ‘Beauty is all around, and through This Great Miracle men will begin to see, begin to know, begin to feel, begin to have a desire to serve, a desire to love, a desire to give, and a desire to grow in Faith, My Way.’

I could teach you constantly, but the child’s physical could not stand the Power I Am.  I flow through her.  She is as a sieve and I pour forth out of her What I want to give for men to see, to understand, to know, and to accept the Training, the Teaching, the Light and the Hope, and I say, ‘My Will is only for your best.’

So, as I bless you from the Heavens, bless you through a child, I say, ‘The child is on a tightrope every day.’ I have given the world a sacrifice, and the consummation of it will be when the world shouts, ‘Joseph is Divine.’ It had to be that way.

A warrior stood strong, a warrior stood to the last, but another child will go down in History and no one truly will care what suffering it took, what love had to be, what service had to be given; for men will have to feel only the personal things they had to face and the personal tests they had to go through.  It will be then as it was when the Sacrifice was made and the Consummation given, attained, so that men could realize what had taken place.  Up to this time, men did not know the Magnitude of Loving and Giving, until the Teaching through This Miracle.

So I, your Father, say to you, ‘You are Loved so very much, but do not allow your weakness to draw you down, but allow your strengths to reach out and reach to serve, reach to give, reach to love, reach to fulfill the privilege of your life upon earth.’ So be it.”

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