ON DECEMBER 11, 1971 AT 11:35 AM


“My children, I am Saint Elizabeth.  I have come today to speak through this child to you and I have come to give you Love that is due.  You come from different walks of life, and some of you have the ability to help others in your way, and some of you are so engrossed within yourselves you do not know how to pray, and some of you are so intent on living the generous way that you are forgetting the beauty of sacrifice along the way.

I say to you today to keep balance in your way, and to know that as you do, there’s a place for everything you must do.

This morning, did you pray?  This morning, did you say, ‘I offer this day to You, my God’?  I could count those here who said this.

Oh, My children, the son I had was so devoted to The Holy Trinity that he, too, gave his life out of love.  Keep in mind that His Way was not your way, but it was His Way for God, and each child here in My Presence now can serve God ultimately, by giving moments during the day of sacrifice, of penance.  Keep in mind also, the little acts of love from you will help others grow in love with God.

I know the Words I say sound very simple in your day, but to hear Words, to read Words, will not help you unless you put Them into practice.

So now I leave you with God’s Love, and I say: ‘A Saint has spoken to you on this day.  How much will you follow the Words that will lead you to Heaven one day?’

I bless you with a Love far beyond your knowledge, and I bless you with Truth far beyond the truth you know, and I bless you with The Holy Trinity that is All Things for you.  So be it.”

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