ON JULY 30, 1998 AT 12:54 PM


“There are Two of Us present.  I am Saint Gregory The Great.  I am Saint Alphonsus Liguori.

What may be difficult for some men, women and children to understand is that Those of Us Here in the Heavens Who are called ‘Saints’, do communicate with Each Other, because We work to help All Souls Who are yet Part of a human life.

The Father has given to the world a Gift beyond human understanding, a Portion of Divine Love, called ‘the Soul’.  We hear men, women and children say of each other, ‘We are soul mates.’ This is always in regard to the same thinking on a subject, on the same purpose, or because they feel they can identify with each other in many areas, friendship, and in their attitude toward what is right for many situations.

The world has been Blessed abundantly by so much Instruction, Personal to human life, encouraging men, women and children to value What they have within them that is unseen and yet a Major Part, Portion, of their being a human being.

At this time, throughout the world there is so little spoken about mankind’s close Association to The Creator.  Humanism in many ways is not just tolerated but acceptable, no matter what comes from it, what it is involved in, because so many excuses are made regarding it.  Mankind depends much on excuses for his or her behavior, and most of the time excuses are cover-ups, because the individual or individuals do not take the time to evaluate their actions, their intentions on the importance that what they are doing is affecting the Soul within them.

We hear individuals say, ‘I feel it inside of me, that I must act a certain way on certain issues.’ Rarely, if ever, do We hear an individual say, ‘I must not allow myself to act impurely, unjustly, because of the Soul that will one day represent me in a Judgment that The Father will be The Judge of.’

Now let us look at a human family.  There is usually one or more in charge, and the authority of judgment is in their manner of thinking.  How many though, ask themselves: ‘If The Creator was standing right here with me, would I choose what would be just, pure, in how I speak, how I direct others?’

It is important that human life more fully understand that no human being is ever totally alone, because of the Soul that is present from the moment of conception until The Father removes It Himself at a given time.

Today there are so many self-made authorities, not all pure in their thinking, or do they even mention that there is a Soul as the recipient of all decisions to be made.  Granted, the Soul cannot be seen, but the Soul is always felt, whether mankind wants to admit to this or not.  There is an innate sensitivity in human life that allows every human being to know they are not alone.  So many times this is called ‘conscience’, or ‘an inner feeling’, or ‘a sensitivity’, but few, if any say, ‘It is my Soul.’

I beseech you, allow This Revelation to be passed throughout the world, and if you touch only a few individuals, you will never know how many will be able to count it down throughout time, that This Revelation helped to think about that Inner Closeness to The Creator, called ‘the Soul’.  So be it.”

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