ON FEBRUARY 15, 2000 AT 1:39 PM


“There are Five of Us present at this time.  There is the beloved Saint Alphonsus Liguori, the beloved Saint Josaphat, the beloved Saint Anthony of Padua, the beloved Saint Bartholomew, the beloved Saint Gregory The Great.  I will stop count here, for there is much to speak about.

The world is in total chaos morally, mentally, physically, spiritually.  The chaos is caused by a lack of sensitivity to sound moral values, sound moral standards, sound moral intentions, sound moral advancements in many directions pertaining to the morals practiced in every day’s habits, needs, concerns, privileges.

Those who read My Words, I will ask you a question.  Hopefully, I will receive an answer. ‘Do you believe in The Creator that you know to be evidenced by all that you are surrounded by, such as the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food that nourishes you, and your ability to associate with others like yourself in all walks of life?’

All of the Heavens have come forth to help human life at this time, human beings in all degrees of intellect, all individual understanding of what is morally right, pure, sound, correct, and what is immoral in all these things.

The Father directs All of Us to one voice, a small one in the world, little by stature, and in many ways quiet by nature, but ready to serve whenever Any of Us are present to deliver a Message of Great Worth, Purpose, for the Souls Who will hear What We speak, and all those who will read What We have spoken and requested to be written for a later time.

Throughout the world there are so many desecrations, vile, contemptible, abusive, and totally impure regarding the human body, the human mind.  You do live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  These Words to many mean nothing, but it is important, All that has been delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Love, bearing the Name of The Beloved Holy Spirit, for you see, there is no place throughout the world so much Divine Love is being transmitted through Words understandable.

Today, as Many of Us stand close to where this little one is, Our Presence is obvious to her because of All the ‘Preparations’ that were necessary for This Gift of Divine Love to be brought to a degree that the human minds of millions will be able to understand All that has been, and All that is being instructed on the Importance of being born man.

With so Many of Us present at this time, the Power this little one endures is inconceivable to the human mind, but nonetheless, this small body has been instructed to tolerate what occurs so that The Father’s Will will be heard, because there are so many Souls that will be victimized if This Gift of The Father’s Love does not reach great distances, alerting human life to the closeness each human being has to The Divine.

As Each of Us watch this little one, We desire to help in This Gift of The Father’s Love, because to walk a Path so lonely, so important, has within it Responsibilities inconceivable to the human mind.  As many of you spend time with this little one, you initially sense her presence for how you know she walks; also, your anticipation is evident to All of Us regarding which One of Us will talk.

This Gift of The Father’s Love that has given to mankind of all races, colors, creeds, ages, so much Personal Instruction, Direction, Correction, is to be spread throughout the world, in writing of course, because thousands will be able to read What has been spoken, whereas one voice would find it difficult to travel to every place where human life exists.

As We stand Here, watching what Our Presence does to one small body, it is a sadness for Us, because We understand what the pain is.  The Responsibility is beyond what human life can imagine it to be, but The Father Wills mankind of all creeds to more fully understand Saints do Exist, and We Saints were humans at another time.

There is a Goal to life, there is a Purpose to life, there is a Reason for human life, and as you read All These Words, hopefully you will remember what a Precious Gift human life is, above all things.  So be it.”

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