ON JANUARY 31, 2002 AT 1:00 PM


There are Three Saints Here:  Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Saint Benedict, and Saint Gregory The Great.

“For thousands of years human life has been Blessed with a Goal.  The Goal is beyond what the human mind can fully comprehend, but men, women and children should see the human mind as a Gift of Divine Love.

In the beginning of human life, human life had to be taught many, many things through experience, and through learning by doing, by living the human way.  All things were done in stages, helping this creation of human life to develop into what The Father Willed it to be:  understanding, intelligent, and able to make decisions regarding their lives, their way of life, and many other things.

At this time in which I speak now, human life has come a long way.  There were different times in the History of human life that during the learning stage of so much that was available, individuals sometimes found it difficult to use all the senses they had, all the abilities, because a learning stage in many ways has steps to it that must be taken one at a time, helping the individual to increase in the knowledge, the ability, the concept, the reason, the purpose, the way.  All These Words mean something, because this is how human life came about, to the degree it is in your day.

You live in a time not just of material progress, but a time wherein the human mind has the ability to judge what is pure over impure, right over wrong, just over unjust, truth over untruth; also, the value of all things that are created, and also, all things that are developed through the minds of many human beings.

My Words were to prepare you for what I am about to say:  It is innate in human beings to have a goal.  Some chose it more strongly than others, but there is a very important part in choosing a goal, and that would be logic in the value of the goal.

Throughout the world learning is an important factor, learning about many things.  Understanding is an important factor; that is, to be able to judge what is right over what is wrong, what is pure over what is impure, what is correct over what is incorrect, what is helpful over what is perhaps dangerous.  With all this background of human life easily adapted by just living, should automatically tell all men, women and children that human life was created for a Purpose, a Goal, a Reason designed by a Higher Entity of Being.

It is important All that has been delivered through This Gift of Divine Love be passed throughout the world, because there is so little understanding of what a Precious Gift human life is to everyone who receives it, not just a few, but everyone.  Human life has a Goal for a Portion of it, called ‘the Soul’, ‘the Connecting Link of Divine Love’ that is innately felt, never seen, but logic to every human being, because of the innate desire to reach goals.

Hours, days, years could be spoken on this subject alone because, do not forget, in the beginning of human life, all who were born learned one thing at a time, and that was to survive in the human way.  They were given the ability to understand they had to eat, they had to make sounds to attract others of their kind.

So much has been given since that time, because of every human being, being gifted with a Portion of The Creator, called ‘the Soul’.  If this were not true, human life would be like all other living things, with no judgment, no sense of logic, and no desire to learn more; but, human life with this Precious Gift of being born this way, must understand that there is a Goal for a Portion of every living human being born, and It’s called ‘the Soul’.  It is the Greatest Gift of Divine Love, because It has a Higher Place to Exist in than ever before.  So be it.”

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