ON MAY 31, 2002 AT 12:53 PM


There are Three of Them.  One is Saint Andrew, One is Saint Alphonsus Liguori, and One is Saint Peregrine, and They’re All smiling.

“Each time The Father tells Us to speak through This Gift of His Divine Love, it is with great pleasure and Divine Love that gives Us the strength to understand the Importance of human life in the way of man.

As Saints now, We fully understand the greatness of each individual born as man.  It has a Purpose, it has a Goal, it has a privilege.  It has the Greatest Gift The Father could give it, and that is a Portion called ‘the Soul’.

Children are not being instructed on the importance of truth, honesty, and the Faith they should express in The Father’s Love.  A quiet moment gives them the opportunity to communicate with All of the Above.

There are millions and millions of Words that could be dictated on the Importance of what a Precious Gift human life is.  It is the ‘only creation’ that has within it a Soul.  We hear some individuals say, ‘If I have a Portion of The Creator within me, why can I not feel It as I feel other parts of me?’ You do feel It, through your ability to know purity over impurity in all you do, all you say, all you think, and through your response in everyday activities.

There are so many excuses human beings make, wanting all things to be put into script in a manner so lengthy that there would be no time to think.  I smile at this last Statement, because human life is a Gift of Divine Love, created for a Higher Goal for the Soul that is a Portion of The Creator, that is within each human being born.

So much has been put into script on what a Treasure human life is.  The Father Willed it to be this way, to alert human beings of all degrees of intellect to fully understand that to be born as a human being was designed by Divine Plan, with a Purpose Greater than any other thing, because The Father Wills all Souls to be returned to Him, Saints.

Ask yourself, as you read These Words:  Is it not nice to hear a ‘Thank you’ when you give someone a gift; also, that the individual acts respectful and remembers the time that this happiness occurred; also, the reason for the gift?

Always remember, the Gift of human life is the Greatest Gift for human life, because it has a Goal for a Portion of it you cannot see, you cannot feel physically, but your senses, your mentality, your sensitivities tell you that within you there is ‘Something Special’ to be taken care of, to be honored, to be respected.  Innately, you know It has to be the Soul.

As I close My Words, I beseech you to remember every day:  to be born a human being is the Greatest Gift of Divine Love The Father could give, because you have a Soul, a Portion of Him within you.”

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