ON JULY 9, 2001 AT 12:53 PM


“There are Many of Us present:  Saint Peregrine, Saint John of The Cross, Saint Josaphat, Saint Anastasia, Saint Mary Magdalene.  There are even More of Us, but We will not mention All the Names.

Where This Gift of The Father’s is, We are always present, because This Gift was given for the benefit of the Souls of millions of human beings.  Having a Soul is difficult for many to believe, to comprehend, but logic should tell the human mind that the Creation of human life has many benefits, many talents, and in so many ways, has a Goal for the Soul that each human being is the custodian of.

In the beginning of life, the body and the mind are the important issues, because they are the portions of human life that are evident in many areas, for many reasons.  They are the foundation for the Soul.

Today as I speak, it is important that many more men, women and children learn about what a Precious Gift human life is, not just because it is intelligent, has a memory or has sensitivity, but it is Important because it has a Soul that no animal has, no flower has, and water does not have a Soul, soil does not have a Soul.  The Soul, to human life, is a Portion of The Creator, designed to be present, but in many ways totally unseen.

When an individual speaks, they speak the language they have learned to speak, and they have a sound to their words, thus being able to pronounce in sound what they want heard, understood, because this is the communication gifted to human life to make human life not just more bearable, but Special.  In the ability to speak, one must remember that there is a mind, an intellect, that works hand in hand with what an individual understands, and has the capability to learn more with.

Today as All of Us stand Here, Our Presence is not felt by those who write Our Words, but Those of Us Who speak hear Each Other.  It is a joint effort for The Saints Here in the Heavens to be able to instruct millions of men, women and children on the Importance of human life, the duties that human life is gifted with, but also the Purpose for which human life was created, and that is to return a Portion of it to The Father, not just in thanksgiving, but to return to The Father the Soul that is a Portion of The Father, that no other living matter or thing is gifted with.

All of The Saints Here in the Heavens are totally aware of This Gift through which, and in which, The Father has directed so much to be instructed, helping human beings of all degrees of intellect, all ages, all backgrounds, to more fully understand the Importance of being called ‘man’.

In daily life, many individuals thrive to be more intelligent than others, and to be able to handle situations above and beyond what others are capable of.

Today as I speak, there are Many Here with Me, and it is important that All that has been delivered through This Gift never be cast aside, because there are millions of Souls throughout the world that need the one in whom They were placed at the moment of his or her conception, be aware of the Importance of human life.

It is sad when We hear that human life is taken for granted, abused morally, mentally, physically, spiritually.  It is a gifted Design of creation, higher than any other portion of creation.  True, an animal can do many things, but the animal is different than human life.  Human life has the intellect to see purity over impurity, justice over injustice, and so many other valuable traits, understandings.

When We see an individual hold a flower and admire the beauty of the flower, yet know the flower will die, it has no goal; perhaps the seed of it may one day produce another flower, but that is not always so.

But always remember, the conception of human life is truly a Gift of Divine Love, and it has so many Gifts that nothing else created has.  The mind alone, the senses alone, the ability to be conscious of what is morally sound, pure, just, correct, is automatic in the human mind.  It is a Gift beyond what a human being truly understands.

Many of Us stand Here because This Gift is to be treasured by all of human life.  The Words are Words of Sincere Love, Concern, and They are The Father’s Will for human life to know the Importance of why He created human life, and gave it a Soul.

The Soul is never thought about by most; in fact, it is a rare thought, but nonetheless, the Soul, as a Portion of The Creator, is the recipient of all that an individual partakes in every moment of every day of life.

As All of Us Saints are present at this time, We join together and say, ‘Always remember human life is a Blessing, because within it there is a Portion of The Creator that nothing else has.’

All of The Saints are smiling, and say, ‘Remember, as you are Blessed with so much, be grateful for It, because you have a Soul that one day must join All of Us.’ So be it.”

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