ON NOVEMBER 10, 1999 AT 12:55 PM


“I am Saint Anastasia.

Human life, as it exists today, oftentimes expounds on materialistic values, practices.  Very little is spoken about the Purpose for which human life was designed and created.  There is little talk, little instruction, little understanding, little conversation on the Purpose for which human life was designed, created, and for its Goal.

We hear some degrees of speech in a belligerent manner saying: ‘I cannot see my body in the hereafter.  When I die everything stops, nothing moves, there is no thought power left.’ This, of course, is based on strictly a humanistic evaluation of the human body.  That is why The Father designed This Miracle to be:  to give Hope, Instruction, and to encourage men, women and children of all ages to see the Value of being born a human being, having an intellect of understanding, and of course, of learning many subjects that pertain to many areas of life, showing mankind that human life has a Reason, a Purpose, and a Goal.

Little ones are not being instructed on the full Purpose for human life.  In so many ways, this subject is being ignored, excuses made to not relate to the young how Important human life is in every facet of it, and for the Goal for which it was created.

I speak strongly through this small voice, because My Words are important to be understood and to be able to be passed on to not just thousands of other human beings, but hopefully millions.  There is no place in the world so much is being delivered by The Saints, but also by The Creator Himself.

Mankind at this time approaches spirituality with a negativism, a doubt, and many times a superior attitude because of human knowledge that they feel superior in, thus ignoring the importance of Spiritual Knowledge that is the Foundation for which human life was created.

The Father did not say: ‘I will create human life so they will be important, they will be able to build many big buildings, they will be able to communicate with each other, they will be important in the eyes of all others.’ This is sad to hear and to see daily in the mannerisms, the practices, the involvements, and of course, the attitudes of human beings.  So little respect is given to from Where human life was initiated, and the Reason for which it was created.

You live in a time that is a sorrow to Many of Us, because little is ever thought of regarding the Purpose for which human life was created.  Children are being left out on this conversation when others of older ages discuss important matters regarding the Soul, the Purpose of the Soul, the Reason for the Soul, and Who the Soul is a Portion of.

As I leave you, I beseech you:  Take the responsibility on yourself to deliver throughout the world All that has passed through This Gift of Divine Love that has been put into print, to encourage others to see the Value of human life and the Importance of human life, because you see, the enemy of The Father works diligently to attract people to all that is humanistic in value, in concept, in practice.  Through This Miracle of Divine Love, you have the privilege of responsibility, through All the Words that have been passed with Direction, with Hope, with Love.  So be it.”

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