ON NOVEMBER 2, 2000 AT 1:07 PM


“I am Saint Anastasia.

There is much Spiritual dilemma throughout the world.  Needless to say, the enemy is using every avenue of human sensitivity to disrupt what a human being understands regarding the Power of The Creator.  The word ‘power’, amongst human beings, has many meanings, and refers to many facets of what human life is involved in.

What I am about to say is of great importance for all who read These Words to understand.  The Power of The Creator is on all things, for multiple reasons, and used appropriately each time there is a cause or purpose needed for His Intercession.

Children are not being instructed on the Greatness of The Creator.  So much emphasis is put on humanistic evaluations, values, perceptions, understandings.  Children are not being taught the power of communication through formal words or conversation with The Divine.

The world is in the throes of great change morally, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  The enemy is using every venue and avenue to draw attention to weaknesses of the flesh, of the mind, of the intentions, of the Goal for which human life should be structured to reach for, above all things.

I will make My Words shortened because of the importance of What I have spoken.  If I were to go on, it could become so complicated, and I want Everything I have said to be seen for the Value of It, and the Divine Love in It, for the benefit of Souls of all ages, all denominations of Faith in The Creator.

There is one last Word I would like to add to What I have spoken, and that is to remember you have within you a Portion of The Creator, and It must never be marred or abused in any way.  So be it.”

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