ON JUNE 27, 2001 AT 1:05 PM


“I am Saint Anastasia.

One of the Greatest Gifts The Father gave to human life was to hear, to see, and to observe.  Also, the Gift of responding is greater than an individual understands it to be.

At the time in which you live there is too much acceptance of an individual who is doing wrong, who is acting impurely, because there should be some response showing indifference to it, anger, or many other sensitive feelings.

We hear so many say, ‘Live and let live.’ That is true.  No one says to take another’s life, but the important thing is to be example, and to stand up for what is pure morally, in the mentality and in the physical aspects of human life.

So little attention is given to morality, to decency.  These two things are important to the Soul as well as the physical, because the Soul is the recipient of all an individual thinks, speaks, practices, or is open to accept.  Sometimes imitation of others is very dangerous, because it allows an individual to act in ways impure.

The Father has taught so much through This Gift of Divine Love, but so little is being spread with the Words.

Today there are Several Saints standing Here with Me now, All desiring to speak, to help those who have yet to live a long life and be responsible to The Father for it, and have much to change.

I could speak hours on this subject, and I would do it if The Father permitted it, but He says it would be too much for some to understand at one time.

As I leave you, I beseech you to practice what is pure because, as example, you can be the greatest gift to the Soul of another human being, even one you do not know.  So be it.”

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