ON JUNE 16, 2000 AT 1:18 PM


“I am Saint Andrew.  I do not speak often in an open manner, way, because there are so Many Saints Here in the Heavens Who also have many important things to say.

The world has been Blessed in a Great Degree, in many ways by The Father’s Love, in His handing to the world This Important Gift of His Divine Love, allowing so Many Saints to participate and to deliver Words of Encouragement, of Direction, of Concern, allowing Them to be put into script so They can travel throughout the world, touching the lives of millions of men, women and children of all backgrounds, all degrees of intelligence, and all who need to know that The Creator of All Things, and All The Saints Here with Him, are available to listen to their words.

In the Creation of human life, it began in the degree capable for those present at that time to handle different facets of human life, different degrees of intellect.  As time went on and goes on, human life has been the recipient of much knowledge, much growth, in a fuller understanding of not just the possibility of a Supreme Being, but the Fact that a Superior Power, a Supreme Power has created all there is for mankind to understand more the Importance for which human life was created.

Do not forget, the foundation for human life to exist had to be placed first, and then at a given time human life was created as a specific Special Gift of Divine Love.

The world in so many ways takes human life for granted, and yet it is innate in human life to feel, to think, to believe, to understand that with all the Gifts that human life is capable of, it is logical that human life has a Goal, Divinely Planned.

So Many Saints Here in the Heavens have the privilege of delivering Words to update the minds of those who are now present upon the earth, giving to them History, but also in This Gift, the privilege to know and to believe and to understand, that human life is not like other living matter or things.  It has a Goal, Divinely Planned.  The seed of life is special in many ways, because through the seed the growth is an Unusual Gift of Divine Love.

It is important that All that has been delivered through This Special Gift of The Father’s Love that bears the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph, is a Gift not just of Instruction, but a Gift of handing to mankind how The Father used ‘a human life’ to be The Protector for The Son of God.

All that has been put into script is for all of mankind to read, to better understand that human life has been gifted, and has not just a role to play as man, but a Goal to reach because of the Soul that is a Portion of The Creator, that no other living matter or thing has the privilege to have.

Time is important, understanding is important, and Spiritual belief is important, because these three things give to human beings the background to have strength, courage, and a Goal for all they do, all they believe, all they can have, because they were born a human being as a Gift from God to man.  So be it.”

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