ON AUGUST 24, 2001 AT 1:02 PM


“I am Saint Andrew.

This Gift The Father has so generously given, helping all of mankind to fully understand the privilege it is to be born the human way, the logic is continuously associated to how an individual thinks, eager to learn, eager to have, and eager to be a part of.

These Words are important.  It gives to human life energy, enthusiasm, hope, and a sincere understanding of what progress means in the way of human life.

Many of Us are present at this time, and We All smile, because This Gift of Divine Love has opened the minds, the intellect, the hopes of thousands of individuals.  Granted, they do not come forward and speak of how they feel, how they think since they heard about This Gift, but inwardly they feel they understand that human life has a Goal that nothing else can compete with, and nothing else has a Soul.

The Soul is rarely, if ever, thought about in daily life, but the Soul is a Portion of The Creator, thus easily allowing the communication of prayer to be important, understood, and logical.

To communicate, one does not have to speak out loud, or write what one thinks.  All an individual has to do is to speak in a personal way, through the mind, through one’s will, and one’s understanding of the closeness human life is to The Divine.  Nothing emotional needs to show.  No sound needs to be heard.  It is a one-to-one communication, no matter what time of the day it is.

Children are not being instructed on this Portion of their lives, when they can talk to The Creator, or Any of The Saints privately, and they are heard through the minds.

When one becomes ‘a Saint’, They have certain Gifts, because Sainthood has a Reason, a Purpose, and it is through becoming ‘a Saint’ that One is allowed more communication with Divine Will, more understanding through the Soul, that there was a Purpose for life, and it is the Greatest Gift that anyone could ever receive.

There is no cost, no price tag, but the communication that one allows to develop between herself or himself with Divine Will, is the Perfect Communication to assure the Soul that there is a Goal to reach that is Important, and it is Greater than any human goal, any monetary goal that an individual can achieve.

As I leave you now, I beseech those who read My Words to pass Them to others, because there is so little true, full understanding on the close Association human life has to The Divine through the Soul.  Granted, the Soul is not something seen by the physical eye, but the Soul is obvious because of the sensitivity human life has to what is pure over what is impure, what is just over what is unjust, what is right over what is wrong.

All of The Saints Here in the Heavens love This Gift of The Father’s to mankind, bearing the Name of The Beloved Holy Spirit of The Creator, humanly known as ‘Saint Joseph’.”

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