ON JUNE 4, 2002 AT 12:29 PM


“I am Saint Gabriel The Archangel.

All of Heaven is smiling when I announced My Name to the little one The Father uses as a connecting link of His Divine Love for the Souls of millions of men, women and children throughout the world.  No one expects an Angel to speak.  We All smile at this.

You live in a time of great importance, because it is a time in which there is so much injustice, unfairness, egotism, and many other words could be added to this list that are not nice words, but truly words that are used physically, emotionally, mentally, through the actions that are performed by millions of human beings each day of the year.

It is sad when We hear that the real understanding of what a sin is, is only an imaginative idea based on more acceptability, because the act or action is an acceptable way of human life, ignoring the fact it is an impure act or action, or a manner of speech.

If I were to give you a figure on the number of prayers offered each morning, or during the day or at night, you would be shocked at how small the number is in each of these areas.  Human beings are ignoring the importance of communication with The Divine.  Prayer, in many ways, is not what it should be.  It is easily dismissed, because the individual or individuals become preoccupied with some other act or thoughts or decisions.

I know how I have spoken will be difficult for many to understand that an Angel would speak in this manner, and also mention so much negativism practiced by man.

The world has been Blessed in so many ways through This Gift of Divine Love, where The Father has allowed and encouraged so much to be written, to be put into script for thousands of men, women and children to be constantly aware of the closeness, through their Soul, they have to Heaven.

As I close My Words, it is with deep Love and yet much concern, that some who will read These Words will not see in Them that Gift of Divine Love that is rarely thought about, rarely felt, rarely expressed, because, do not forget, even though you do not see Angels, They do Exist, in Service to The Creator, in Love of The Divine, and are always willing to do something to help all human beings alive.”

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