ON DECEMBER 4, 2000 AT 12:55 PM


“I am Saint Angela Merici.

The time has come for This Gift of Divine Love to be made more public, more noticeable to men, women and children in small towns, big cities and hidden areas wherein men, women and children reside.

The funnel that We All use to relay to mankind of all degrees of religious Faiths, all degrees of knowledge, is to be distributed in every place possible because of the Importance of the Messages for the Protection of Souls that are being desecrated by excuses of individuals who constantly use the terminology, ‘Live and let live.’ This statement, of course, gives a freedom, boundless, on every area available.  There is no distinction of morality over immorality, Faith in The Creator over no Faith that Any Thing Exists, or Any One Exists, of a Higher Power.

As I leave you, it is only temporary, because wherever This Gift is in the world, through one voice, one body, there are Many of Us present, even when We do not ask for Our Words to be put into script.

Be aware of the dangers of an inability to follow what is morally sound, morally pure, and never forget that The Commandments of The Creator were passed through ‘one man’ verbally, put into script.  It is being repeated at This Time in the History of human life, and All that has been delivered should be passed throughout the world.  Do not worry about language barriers, color or race.  The Father will allow All to be seen in the right place.

It is important that those who put All of the Words into script be aware that as The Father Decrees All the Directions, He also Decrees Them to be sent throughout the world.  So be it.”

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