ON DECEMBER 28, 2001 AT 12:30 PM


“I am Saint Angela Merici.

The little one whose voice I use to speak to all of mankind, at one time said to Me, ‘I don’t know anything about You, yet I know You are a Saint, so please help me in what I am about to say.’ She continued on with her requests.  We All smiled at the sincerity in how she felt in her communication, even when she could not hear the return of My Words assuring her.

Faith is a Beautiful Gift of The Father’s Love, because it closes the gap between The Divine and a human mind.  There is strength in it, courage in it, trust in it, and an indescribable love in it.

It is sad that millions of men, women and children ignore the closeness they have to The Divine every moment of every day, all the time.

My Words will be short, but I felt the Words should be spoken, because there is so much yet to be accomplished through This Gift of The Father’s Love for all of mankind.

Language can be no barrier, mentality can be no barrier, because through the Faith an individual has in the mind toward The Divine, permits no barrier to interfere with the communication.

As I close My Words, I fully understand the tears the little instrument sheds, because when you know Truth and you see it unjustly used, it is like a human crying.

The Father, in His Love for human life, has given the world a Gift for all ages, all cultures, and wants them to more fully understand that human existence has a Purpose in Divine Plan.”

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