ON JUNE 11, 1998 AT 1:24 PM


“I am Saint Anthony Mary Claret.  So Many Saints Here in the Heavens continuously request to speak, because there is a great necessity throughout the whole world of mankind, for mankind to more fully understand that human life has the responsibility Greater than man can conceive, and that is, that in each human being there is a Portion of The Creator of All Things.  It is called ‘the Soul’.

Many of Us Who are requested to speak through This Miracle of The Father’s Love, This Gift of His Divine Grace, find it to be more than a privilege, because when We walked the role of human life, We did not realize what an Important Way of Life awaits the Soul when the physical is no longer capable of existence.

As I speak, there are Several Who stand Here with Me now, and They, too, are eager for All Messages that have passed through This Gift of The Father’s Love be delivered throughout the world, because there is no place, no individual human life that is capable of instructing such Valuable Truths to mankind of all ages, all types of beliefs, and all abilities, to learn what is important for them to reach:  a Place Far Beyond what they understand Eternity to be.

Many times, as Several of Us move in and out of This Miracle of The Father’s Love, We see so many who have been Personally instructed, take for granted What they have heard.

Today I request that all who are close to This Gift of The Father’s Love concentrate mentally, physically, actively, on pursuing the tasks to have the Messages delivered by so Many from Here to be sent throughout the world, irregardless of what man terms ‘language barrier’.  Allow The Father to use His Methods of creating interest and understanding of His Gift that has been given through one voice, to reach those of many tongues, many degrees of intellect.  We continually urge those who are close to This Gift of The Father’s Love to distribute All that has been thus far delivered.  Do not question what others may accept or not accept.  We are in control when It reaches their sight.

Granted, the integrity, the mentality, the inner beliefs, the backgrounds, also the importance of how an individual feels, responds to hearing, reading, depends much on them as an individual, and no one can determine this, so it is important to not leave anyone out of the distribution of All that has been delivered, for once It leaves your hands, then many times One of Us Here uses What has been delivered in ways inconceivable by you.

True, the little one through whom We speak is in man’s terms, ‘totally without strength’.  That is why it is important that the tasks of distribution be given to those who will abide by The Father’s Request, and see that the world of mankind will receive What has been delivered, because of the Souls that each human life is responsible for.

Let Me say this:  Man talks about a bomb.  This conversation intrigues some, causes others to fear because of the danger.  Allow the Words The Father has given Himself, and through Many of Us, to scatter throughout the world, irregardless of race, color, creed, because each human being is responsible for what they accept, how they accept it, the reason for which they accept it, and how they use it beneficially, especially All that has been delivered to awaken human beings to the Fact, to the Knowledge, that human life is above and beyond all other things, and that human life has a Soul, and this Soul, as a Portion of The Creator, was and is to return to Him, bearing the identification of the one in whom It was placed at the moment of his or her conception.

Remember My Words, because These Words are delivered to encourage, to allow, and to instruct all human beings, all races, colors, creeds, on the Fact that human life is separate from all other living things.  So be it.”

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