ON JULY 6, 1998 AT 12:53 PM


“I am Saint Anthony Mary Claret.

It is a natural reaction to human beings to fear harm to one’s body.  It is natural to reject what is unpleasant in different areas of one’s way of life.

Today as I speak, I speak with a deep Love for human life, because in such Closeness to The Divine, there is a constant, consistent feeling, urge, to want to help others who are still alive to more fully understand what a Great Gift human life is to man.

Granted, when one is active in the world, humanly speaking, there are many distractions.  Many are of sound value, but there are just as many that are detrimental to the purity of the Souls of those who partake in them.  Mankind says, ‘I know right from wrong.’ It is a natural ability instilled into human life, what is right physically, mentally, and what is wrong, harmful to one’s self or others.

Today as I speak, I speak with a great affection for human life, because human life is the foundation for the Greatest Life that mankind can achieve; that, of course, is Sainthood for the Soul.  Having walked the earth in the human form, having practiced a particular vocation in life, the responsibilities of the vocation I chose were far greater than perhaps I realized at the time.

Human life is a Gift of Divine Love because it is the only living matter that has a Goal that is Superior to its birthright in the human form.  So much emphasis is placed on success, or becoming well-known for a particular facet of talent, or degree of abilities in certain areas that others are interested in, or are helpful to the lives of others.

Today as I speak, I speak with a sincere, deep Spiritual Hope that mankind will not ignore All that has been delivered through This Precious Ultimate Gift of Divine Love, properly named ‘a Miracle of Teaching, of Instruction’, devoted to all natures of mankind, all degrees of intellect, all backgrounds.

The world has been Blessed in a Formal Gift through The Holy Spirit of The Creator.  Mankind oftentimes refers to the spirit of something, such as an occupation, a recreation, and they will use the expression ‘The spirits are all high,’ meaning that there is, or was great interest in what was going on.

The Father, in the Design of human life, gave to it, instilled in it so many different abilities, also degrees of intelligence, also different talents.  Each of these listed cover many areas of life.  Throughout the world there are men, and some women who feel they have the ability to lead what they term ‘lives of Spiritual example’.  This number in count may be many, but in sound practice, few.

Many times, when an individual feels the urge to participate in something that is pleasurable, and also beneficial to others, they put much of their own thinking and degree of understanding into what they want others to imitate, or to understand, or to follow, or to see as a greater act to follow.  This is man’s terminology we hear so often: ‘a better act to follow’.  Now, would not ‘the best act to follow’ be through the Lives of so Many Saints?

Today as I speak, I speak differently than I have before, because there are so many millions of human beings throughout the world that must be touched, to alert them, to awaken them, to stimulate their Spiritual understanding, and not just read what’s in a book, but to use what is spiritually necessary for their own Soul.

I would like to say that The Commandments of God, down through time, have remained in the same full degree of terminology They were given.  They have not, because man tends in every way to minimize important subjects with the excuse ‘making it more understandable’.  I am sorry to say, conciseness omits so much of the importance of an important subject.

No human being is born without a Portion of The Father within it at the moment of conception.  Why so many ignore this Fact is a great sadness to All of Us, because it is innate in human life to want success.  The most successful act that a human being can arrive at, and that is to one day become ‘a Saint’, not just in the eyes of man, for there are Many Saints Here in the Heavens Who have not been pronounced by man to be ‘Saints’.

I could speak for hours on this important subject, but I know that sometimes it is easier as human beings just to read Facts.  So be it.”

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