ON SEPTEMBER 1, 1998 AT 12:53 PM


“I am Saint Anthony Mary Claret.  There were many aspects in My way of life that had major responsibilities and I took each one of them serious, because it was evident to me that what I was to deliver for others to understand had great responsibility, not just a human communication with another human being.

Today as you live at this time, no matter what vocation you follow, you are active in, even if it is a vocation that deals only with communication with those who live close to you, or those who through heritage are called ‘relatives’, your actions, your sensitivities to what is needed, your reliability, how you carry through in all you say is important and desire others to follow, because of your example, your integrity, the words you speak on many conditions, situations or subject matter, you must always remember, that as a human being you have daily responsibilities with whomever you are, whoever you speak to, because conversation is important between two people or more, because conversation has the ability to implant into others’ minds, subject matter that is important, or subject matter that is vile in content.

Today as I speak through a small voice, I speak with a volume of strength, because My Words, as well as the Words of All Others Who have spoken through This Gift of The Father’s Love, have a Purpose, always Beneficial to men, women and children of all ages, because of the Soul they are the custodian of during their lifetime.

There is so little spoken at this time throughout the world about the responsibilities of human life, other than those responsibilities that deal with the physical.  Mankind must understand that human life is a Gift of Divine Love and has benefits beyond what any other living matter, thing, object is capable of having.  The word is simple to remember; It is called ‘a Soul’.

If human life was not created for a Special Purpose, Greater than all other living things or matter, it would not have been given the intellect or the Gift of conscience, that so many try to ignore, also the Gift of sensitivity to what is good, what is evil, what is truth, what is false, what is safe, what is unsafe.

We hear some say: ‘It takes a courage to follow the Will of God, that I do not feel inside me.  I have weaknesses, turmoil and decisions to make, based on my surroundings and those with whom I associate, and I realize that many things influence my decisions.’

It is time for mankind to realize that human life was created for a Greater Purpose than all other things; also, a Goal that basically should give to mankind the courage, the strength, the innate psychological understanding that there is a Purpose Greater than anything else created, and this Purpose has to be Divinely Oriented, with a Connection to Divine Love that is beyond human nature.  So be it.”

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