ON OCTOBER 21, 1998 AT 12:45 PM


“I am Saint Anthony.  Many men, women and children pray to Me when an article is lost, or they want a special gift that they desire, either because of its beauty, or they feel drawn to it by its usefulness.

Today as I speak My Words, I want all of mankind to understand that prayers such as these are welcomed, but it is important for men, women and children to request help on important matters; that is, matters that concern whether an act is accepted, practiced, or accomplished according to The Father’s Will, based on purity, soundness, and for a good reason or cause.

Throughout the world there is a great decline in human understanding of the importance of prayer regarding all issues of life, all instances in life, because mankind has lost much of the dependence on The Creator.  Mankind has become so humanistic in terminology, in frankness with others, and also regarding their practices in Spiritual ways.

Today as I deliver These Words, I am aware of thousands who at this moment have no thought of Spiritual Closeness to The Creator or to The Saints.  Throughout the world there are open signs encouraging men, women and children that it is important to pray, and it is important to practice self-control, self-discipline.  What are these signs?  They are numerous in number.  A steeple on a building says, ‘There is a God.’ A small prayer says, ‘I believe in God.’ An act of purity over an act of impurity speaks loudly without a sound.

Mankind in this time of life has been Blessed abundantly through a Gift of The Father’s Divine Love, allowing so much to be put into script, instructing men, women and children on the Importance of human life, because of the Soul that each human life is the custodian of.

The Soul is the Instructor, the Protector, and also, in Its closeness to the mentality of each human life, It indelibly causes an individual to know purity over impurity, justice over injustice, love over hate, good over evil.  Mankind is aware of an inner feeling, but cannot express how they respond to this inner feeling.  Logic should tell human beings that there is a constant Guardian available in all acts of life, all thoughts, all words.

Today as I speak, it is with a deep Interest and sincere Love, to aid mankind of all ages to not ignore what they understand to be pure in concept, in content, or in actions.  Much Love has been expressed through This Gift of The Father’s Love.  This is obvious by His allowing so much to be put into script, so that mankind would not have to trust to memory, because oftentimes memory gets distracted, and acts impulsively by the distraction that is not always morally sound, morally correct, morally pure, thus ignoring the Soul that is the recipient of all an individual partakes in, or reflects through words, through participation in many ways with another human being, or several others.

It is important that human life understand what a Blessing God has given to mankind at ‘this time’, thus penetrating the mind with the Importance of human life, and the necessity to be aware of That Portion that is unseen but there, no matter what race, color or creed a human being is.  No one is ever born without that Soul, That Portion of The Creator that is to return in a State of Purity, Grace and Love, on a particular time and day.  So be it.”

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