ON DECEMBER 27, 2000 AT 12:58 PM


There are Three of Them:  Saint Athanasius, Saint Peregrine, and Saint Justin Martyr.

“The world has been given a Gift beyond human ability, understanding, because the Gift unites All of Heaven with the human lives throughout the world. One voice has been given the Responsibility and the Privilege to speak Our Words, repeating What We say that is to be put into script for millions to read at this time, and for many years to come.

The world has been Blessed with This Miracle.  It is a Miracle, because Our Messages pass through the intellect, the will, that was trained to receive What We speak without being heard.  There is much jealousy surrounding This Gift of The Father’s Love, and All of Us Saints call it ‘unnecessary jealousy’, because those who are jealous should see only the value of What is spoken, the importance of What is spoken, the reason for which It is spoken.

Hopefully, All the Messages that have been delivered by so Many Here in the Heavens will travel throughout the world quickly, allowing millions of individuals of all nationalities to be made aware of the Importance of human life, and how close it is to Divine Life, Divine Will, Divine Love, and that human life has been given to help millions of Souls be returned to The Father as He Wills Them to be, because a Soul is a Portion of The Creator, not definable in human language, but obvious in an individual’s understanding of how important it is to speak truth over untruth, and never use violence in any form, physical or mental.

So Many Saints have spoken, delivering Messages of Instruction, of Information, giving to all ages of human life, all backgrounds, the reason for each one to be aware constantly of their behavior, and to also recognize that The Commandments that were given a long time ago, were given because the human mind needed human Guidelines to be aware of morally, mentally, physically, spiritually.

All that has been given through The Father’s Will, allowing so Many of Us to speak, must pass throughout the world in all languages so that no one is left out, and will not understand the Importance of human life and that it was created for a Goal.

We hear some say, ‘I can understand a goal of the human way.’ When We hear this, then We say, ‘You were given This Gift so you would better understand that your whole life has a Goal, and that is to become “a Saint”.’  So be it.”

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