ON OCTOBER 22, 1998 AT 2:10 PM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.

Historically, mankind has been given the opportunity to understand that there had to be a Divine Will, a Divine Creator for human life, and for all things that exist.

Today as you live each day, it is important to be aware that as an individual, each one has the responsibility to remember that human life was created for a Greater Purpose than any other living thing or matter; the one part of human life that has the responsibility to recognize that there is a purpose for all that an individual practices, participates in, accomplishes, and is responsible for, the very fact that human life has a mentality that is capable of great things, great understanding of things, that no other living matter is endowed with.

Today as I speak, I speak with a Deep Love, but also with the hope that All that has been delivered through The Father’s Gift in This Miracle, constantly enlightens mankind to the Importance of human life over and above all other creations.

Each of Us Who speak, speak in a different manner, a different tone, a different degree, and many times on a different format of discussion.  I use the word ‘discussion’ because it is logical for man, as he reads the Words, to express an opinion, to have something to say, to think about.  This causes a communication between the individual and Many of Us Here in the Heavens.

You can take This Statement and relate it to the times you pray.  Inwardly, you know the prayers are heard, whether the prayer is silent, just mentally delivered, or verbal with sound attached to it.  Human life has a Living Communication that no other living thing has to The Creator of All there is.  For some doubters to deny this is a sadness, but is pleasing to the enemy of The Creator, because human life was created for a Great Purpose, a Great Goal.

In living each day, mankind very often tries to reach success.  It is innate in most men, women and children, so it should not be difficult for mankind to understand that human life has a Great Goal, because it was created with intellect, imagination, and untold amount of abilities, of expression, of understanding in great detail for success.

Today as I speak, I speak with a Deep Love for human life, for I, too, once walked the path, perhaps vulnerable at times to mistakes, but thankful for an innate ability to conquer what could have been detrimental to That Portion of Me, unseen, yet More Important than I understood at the time.

Today as I speak, I speak with a Deep Love for The Divine, because as each child is born, there is a Distinct Closeness to The Creator that nothing else is the custodian of, or the recipient of, and that is called ‘the Soul’.

As I bless you today, those who write My Words, and those who will read Them at a later time, I want you to understand that at ‘this time’ in the life of mankind, a Great Blessing has been bestowed on all who hear of This Gift, participate in This Gift, and who will release This Gift to the rest of the world.

I say this Blessing in the way you understand.  Always remember that The Holy Trinity is ever present, and you must remember also, ever aware of every action, every thought, every deed you partake in, you are the instigator of, or that others will imitate you for.

I bless you in a way that you may not understand, but it is important for you to know, that through This Gift of The Father’s Love, your Faith in what is Truth will give you the strength to conquer all doubts, all errors, all faults, and give you hope for Another World.  So be it.”

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