ON APRIL 12, 2000 AT 1:17 PM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.  Each Saint Here in the Heavens used human life in many ways, and now as We All stand together in a Unity of Love for human life, The Father directs Us to instruct, through This Gift of His Divine Love, on the Importance of human life.

To some this may sound difficult to believe, but logic should tell human beings of all ages that there is a constant need for Direction, due to the fact that through a human being’s motives, beliefs, circumstances, activities, many decisions must be made to either culminate an important decision, or finalize in a specific manner an important decision that perhaps would be beneficial to one’s mental attitude, physical health, or future intentions, future decisions.

Human life may seem complicated, but in essence it is not.  It is a Tremendous Gift of Divine Love, with a mind that is able to cope with many subjects, many considerations, many decisions.  The learning process of a human being has many stages.  A baby is taught to say a word, and then as the baby grows there is much more instructed to the child, so that they will be able to cope with many areas of life, and many subjects in which they will be exposed.

Human life was given a specific privilege:  the will to choose what is pure over what is impure, what is right over what is wrong, what is practical over what is impractical, what is valuable over what is invaluable, and what is destructive in these considerations.

I know I speak differently in this format, but it is to awaken the minds of certain individuals, because so much is taken for granted by human beings of all mentalities, all dimensions of understanding.  Human life is truly a Gift of Divine Love because it is not directed on one subject, one mode of understanding, closing out all that surrounds it.

Today as I speak, I speak with much Love for human life, for do not forget, I was once a human being.

As I leave you I bless you, for in the Blessing I request The Father to give you strength to fully understand all your responsibilities, and all the need for you to be able to choose what is pure over what is impure, in thoughts, words, deeds, actions, motives, decisions.

The world is saturated with so many different degrees of mentalities, so many different degrees of what is pure, what is impure, and so many who do not truly feel that there is a Divine Creator.  This may be difficult to understand, but it is truth, because what they cannot see, cannot physically feel, they automatically say cannot be there.

As I leave you, I beseech you to accept human life as a stepping stone for the Importance of your Soul that will represent you in the Kingdom of God for All Time.  So be it.”

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