ON AUGUST 25, 1998 AT 1:59 PM


“I am Saint Catherine Laboure.  We oftentimes hear men, women and even children ask about what a Blessing means.  Mankind says, ‘God bless you,’ at certain times.  Then sometimes mankind will say, ‘May God be with you’; then there are times, ‘God sees everything you do.’ These phrases are not said as often as they used to be, because human life has become so humanistic in thinking, in actions, in beliefs, and in practices.

The Father, in giving to the world of human life a Miracle of Instruction, alerting mankind to the True Existence of there being a Creator, and that mankind is the only creation that carries within it a Portion of The Creator, so when mankind openly says, ‘God bless you,’ there is a significance of importance in these words.

A sad note is that few children learn these few words, because mankind has become so humanistic in values, concepts, terminology, and reaction to so many things, that to remember the Presence of a Creator would give strength, hope, assurance, and an act of love all at one time.

The Purpose for This Gift of The Father’s Love that allows My Words to be put into script, is to alert mankind of all ages, all beliefs, all degrees of intelligence, and all degrees of Spiritual understanding, to the Fact that no human life exists by itself, because within it there is a Presence, unseen but evident because of man’s ability to understand what is morally sound, correct, important.

Today as I speak, it is not a natural thing for mankind to write My Words, or let alone have Them heard spoken through someone such as they are, but as mankind has the insight to believe, to comprehend so much scientific knowledge that they are surrounded by each day, it is logical for them to believe that My Words, and All the Words of Every One Who has yet spoken, have already spoken, is definitely a Part of Divine Plan.

Today you live in a time much worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  This Statement may be difficult for many to believe, because in previous writings Sodom and Gomorrah was the ugliest, foulest practice of impurities that mankind could possibly partake in, but I repeat:  You do live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

In The Father’s Generosity, He has given to the world a Miracle of Divine Love, instructing, encouraging, and deliberately putting in writing so many Truths regarding His Presence that is evident to mankind every moment of every day, and the availability that mankind has to use any moment of the day to speak to Him, to ask for a Blessing from Him, and to beg forgiveness for any impurity of the mind, the body, that is practiced in any way.

The world has ignored This Great Miracle of Divine Love, and so little has been done to spread It throughout the world.  An alarm is ringing, and mankind is refusing to change, because to change would mean to use all of human effort for forgiveness, and the strength to change one’s impurities to, and in a way that would give morality a course of life, striking out any immorality that would be a temptation to the mind, to the body, disgracing the Soul of the individual.

So much has been given to mankind, and at this moment mankind has been Blessed again.  So be it.”

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