ON SEPTEMBER 28, 1998 AT 1:00 PM


“I am Saint Catherine Laboure.

The Father chose a small voice to be heard throughout the world.  Some would say, ‘How could a small voice be heard to such a degree?’ Let Me remind you:  Many times when you whisper quietly, there are others present who read lips, or have great hearing power when it comes to sound.

Let us now together put into writing Important Words that one day will be spoken by many different voices, some very loud, some in a whisper, because the Words are of such Value, such Interest, and profound in Their Meaning.

The world has been Blessed by This Beloved Gift of The Father’s through one small voice, and yet when He Commanded the Words be written, put into script, it showed to the world that His Words would be seen, also heard by those who would have the Faith to understand Them, and the courage to teach Them verbally.

When it was announced that The Beloved Saint Joseph was and is The Holy Spirit of The Creator, some accepted immediately this logical Statement of Fact; others doubted, but not always because they did not believe, but because they were taught differently.

Mankind, many times, is inclined to read rather than hear someone speak, and what is written is oftentimes not beneficial but it is more to human thinking, because they can read in a quiet way, privately, and store into their minds what they have read, because the spoken word is not always remembered indepthly.  Millions of Words have been delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Love, giving to mankind Proof, Facts, that would not be available if the Words were just spoken.

For Each of Us Who speak and ask Our Words to be written, We find it a Gift of Divine Love beyond human understanding to be able to partake in the Greatest Teaching Miracle that The Father has allowed to be for thousands of years.  It is important that mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, read All that has been delivered through This Gift of Divine Love, addressed to mankind through so Many Saints, plus through The Holy Trinity.

At a time in the History of human life that mankind is walking a tightrope of theory, guesswork, based on the imagination of so-called ‘leadership’ of others, The Father is handing to the whole world of human life What is important, and what a privilege human life has, is the custodian of.

Ask yourself:  If you walked up to a stranger and said, ‘My Soul just asked me to talk to you,’ you would be considered a fool, would you not?  because human beings, human life, human intentions, cannot reveal to mankind in general, all that human life is about.

When one goes to a medical man or woman, the one they speak to thinks totally of the body, human parts, human intentions, human fears, human needs.  They are not always one thousand percent truthful, or capable of discerning what is needed, for whatever the individual is concerned about.  It is a vocation based on knowledge of the body, and this vocation is very valuable to human life, because in many ways, without it mankind would not be able to survive physically when something of a major degree affects the human body.

Now let us look at a More Important Portion of human life, the Soul.  Many times the Soul is abused because of an individual’s abuse, degrading immoral values, standards, practices, associations.  The Soul is victimized more than mankind realizes, in many ways, sometimes what another individual says, does, permits, encourages.

At This Time in the History of human life, The Father has chosen a Gift to be handed to all of mankind, a Gift encouraging human life to understand that He created it for a Greater Plan, and that human life is gifted with a Portion unseen, never heard, and yet obviously present because, innately, human life knows right from wrong, good from evil, and that human life has a Goal.  If there was no Goal to human life, mankind would be in a distressful mode of life all the time.  The Goal is present even though it is not fully understood, but when an individual has a choice of decision, he or she automatically knows whether it’s pure or impure, right or wrong.

The Beloved Saint Joseph is at ‘this time’ in your time, being shown for the Greatness He Is.  Logic should have told mankind long before this that He was not mere man, because logic also says that as He was ‘The Foster Father of The Son of God’, and called to be ‘The Husband of The Mother of God’, what more could have been spoken to show mankind what a Great Gift The Father has given to human life, the Soul of human life that no human being is born without.  It is a Spirit of Hope, Love, that is to return to The Father.  It gives to mankind a Special Place in the world, a Place for mankind to reach for, called ‘Sainthood’, and as a Saint, to assist The Father in some form, some way, some manner, to help others understand that human life is a privilege, a Gift from The Creator to man.  So be it.”

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