ON APRIL 4, 2001 AT 12:30 PM


“I am Saint Catherine Laboure.

You live in a time of much Spiritual misinterpretation.  There are so many interpretations that are blinded by, and are blinding by the soundness in them.

Today as I speak, I speak with much concern, because throughout the world there is much diabolical acceptance, preference, over what is morally sound and what would logically be The Father’s Will, rather than what individuals are accepting in behavior, in practice, and in association with others.

Human beings at this time find fault with each other, whether it be on monetary matters, or just on personal behavior, but there is little thought about morality and the importance of it in all ages of human life.

We hear so many say: ‘What’s the difference?  Everyone is doing it.  It’s natural to think this way.’ This subject of what is normal, what is abnormal, what is subnormal, rarely enters a decision, and yet there are many offices of great distinction who practice the so-called ‘art’ of knowing whether another person is guilty of a minor crime, or sometimes a major crime.

All of Us Here in the Heavens say out loud, ‘Your Soul is “a victim” of what you are, what you practice, everything you say, you do, you accept.’

Throughout the world there is very little, if any, true understanding of What human life is gifted with, and children are not being instructed on issues that pertain to That Portion of them that will be Judged at a given time by a Higher Source, Force, than human.

Needless to say, there is much sadness Here in the Heavens, because there is so much happening amidst mankind that is never truly considered as detrimental to That Portion of human life, unseen yet obviously always there, called ‘the Soul’.

We hear many talk about being ‘soul mates’ with another individual.  This supposedly is a caring situation, but it is time that human beings of all ages awaken to the fact that they are the custodian, at the moment of conception, of a Portion of The Creator of All Things, called ‘a Soul’.  Basically, that’s where the saying came from that is so often used by individuals who want the comfort, or others to see the closeness they are to another individual by saying, ‘We are soul mates.’

I could speak hours on this subject.  My Words today are only to alert all ages to the importance of looking deeper and more consistent into what human life is responsible for, with, and to.  So be it.”

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