ON JUNE 20, 2002 AT 1:13 PM


“There are Several of Us present at this time.  Many Names are familiar to you.  I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.  I am Saint Catherine of Siena.  I am Saint Josaphat.  The Others have decided that the list would be endless, and you would not have time to receive the Words The Father Wills you to have.

Many men, women and children suffer starvation because of a lack of food, but the starvation throughout the world is because of a lack of sincere, logical understanding regarding The Creator of All Things.  There is very little true belief in The Holy Trinity.  There is very little true belief in the necessity for morality.  The list is endless regarding human nature, values, understanding, practices, and abilities to fully understand that human life was created for a Goal, for That Portion of them never seen, but It’s called ‘the Soul’.

Innately, individuals will say regarding another individual, ‘We are soul mates.’ This statement automatically gives a close connection and a safety to it.

Today as I speak, and there are Many Here with Me, it is important that All that has thus far been delivered must reach millions of human beings before it is too late.  All that passes through This Gift is not prepared by the little one who delivers the Words.  It is an immediate act of Personal Divine Love by All Who will speak at a given time.  There is no preparation for such Love from The Divine.

The purpose for prayer was and is very important, because through prayer from an individual to The Creator, to All The Saints, gives the individual a definite communication based on Faith, sincerity, hope.  When We hear people of all ages pray, they instinctively know that the One to Whom they are praying will hear it.  The Father made it this way, so prayer would be the communication that would always give human beings the assurance of closeness to The Divine.

Children must learn to pray more silently, because they will be heard, and that prayer will give them the strength to feel the necessity of the importance of what they are praying for, and also, to.

All of The Saints Here in the Heavens treasure This Gift The Father has so lovingly given, not just to the mind or the mentality of one human being, but putting It into script so millions can read What The Father Wills them to know, because of the Importance of human life that bears a Soul, a Portion of The Creator, never seen but obviously the Connecting Link between the mentality of the human being and the Saint.

All Saints speak at different times.  Many times an individual will say: ‘I just feel this is good.  I didn’t feel this way before, but now I feel stronger about it.’ Can you not see that you do not stand alone in the world?  There is always Someone to help give you the strength for what is right, what is logical, what is valuable, what is best.

Too few men, women and children understand what a closeness they have to All The Saints, and of course, to The Creator of All Things.  That is why prayer is so important.  Prayer alone tells you that Someone is listening to what you say, what you think, what you feel, what you need courage to endure.

The list is longer than I give you, but always remember, you have a Portion of The Creator within you.  He did not create human life like He created all other things, so use your way of life, be thankful for it, and share what you are, what you feel, so your Soul will be returned to The Father, a Saint.”

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