ON MAY 3, 2002 AT 12:50 PM


“I am Saint Aloysius.

Throughout the world there are so many obvious demonic actions, participations, theories, that must be not just cast aside, but eliminated as quickly as possible.  Too few men and women are ignoring what danger these things are, not just to their Soul, but to their bodies and to their mentalities.

Children are not being instructed properly on what is morally pure, morally just, morally valuable for them to take part in.  There is so little differentiation mentally on what is right over what is wrong, what is pure over what is impure.

Today as I speak, there are Many Here with Me.  The Father has given to the world a Gift of Divine Love, above and beyond what the human mind fully understands.  Allowing so Many Saints to speak is a Gift Greater than human beings can comprehend, because so many of them say: ‘I never heard Saints speak before.  Why is it happening now?  Why should I believe it is happening now?’

To add to this statement, and to give hope to the lack of understanding to all of human life:  The Father Willed a Gift to be given through All The Saints Here in the Heavens, to instruct in a manner, a way, a degree, and in terminology that human beings of all intellects, all backgrounds, could see the Value of What is being delivered, because no one else speaks this way, no one cares this deeply, this spiritually, this hopefully, than The Creator of All Things.

Today, at this moment, there are thousands, even millions of all ages of human beings not thinking before they act impurely, unjustly, radical, and in many ways to the point where they please only the enemy of God and man.  The Creator stands by; He has given free wills to human life.  So many of these ‘wills’ forget that in making decisions, the decisions should be based on what is morally pure, and that it would be pleasing to The Father to hear what they have to say; not words that would be detrimental to their Souls, and insulting to The Creator of All Things.

Language was given to human life for a reason.  It was not just for communication with each other, it was a Gift of Divine Love for every human being to be able to not just converse, but to be competent in understanding the meaning of words, thus giving to them the valuable understanding that when something is spoken or written in a pure state, a pure meaning, it is important; but, when it is impurely done for the sake of attention or anger, or just catering to the evil one, it is important for human beings of all ages to understand that human life has a privilege, is a privilege, and each day is able to express the privilege of purity over impurity, and love over hate, and of course, omit jealousy when others have the abilities to openly, obviously do what is correct and pleasing to The Creator of All Things.

Hours could be spoken on the importance of the physical conduct, the verbal conduct, and the importance of how an individual addresses each day of life.  So many are instructed on particular habits, making the habits sound as though it is the only way for them to get attention.  I ask you, ‘Are the habits pure in concept?’ Not always, because so many people of all ages are led astray by someone or several individuals that they trust.

As I close My Words with you, I beseech you to remember:  As you walk each day, you speak each day, and you are associated with others personally or otherwise, you have a responsibility in everything you do, you say, and how you appear physically in the human way.”

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