ON JUNE 30, 2000 AT 1:04 PM


“I am Saint Cecilia.

The Father, in giving This Gift of His Divine Love, has allowed so Many of Us Here in the Heavens to be able to communicate, encourage many men, women and children on the importance of everything they do, they say, they practice, they learn.

Today as I speak, it is with a Love for human life that only those who are alive, active, and interested, could truly understand the importance of what each day means, for not only the mentality, but for the Soul.  We hear so many infer that their Soul is present, but they do not understand the full concept of what they are speaking.

Today as I speak, My true, sincere hope is that This Gift of The Father’s Love that All The Saints Here in the Heavens participate in, will encourage not just thousands of individuals, but millions, to recognize what a tremendous Gift of Divine Love human life is, because of the Fact that it is the custodian of a Portion of The Father Himself.  Granted, It is never seen, but It is obviously there because of the innate sensitivity that men, women and children recognize, feel, when they are about to act on issues that take a certain amount of understanding on whether it is to be seen as something that could be impure in some form, some matter, some manner, degree, or way.

Today is not the first day this subject has been brought up, but as each one knows, repetitiveness is a great teacher.

Another subject I would like to address is that children are not being instructed on the importance of prayer as each day arises, and as each day closes.  It is sad when We see a child never be told to greet The Heavenly Father, recognizing the Fact that He is Present at all times; and then when night falls, prayer of even a small degree should be remembered, because it closes the day the way it began, recognizing the Truth of a Higher Being in charge of All things; also, that the individual’s Soul, as a Portion of God Himself, enjoys the fact that the one in whom It is placed feels a closeness to The Divine in a sincere way.

I know My Words have been spoken differently in some form than you are used to hearing, but sometimes a change awakens the mind to an issue, that perhaps should be seen in a greater way.

As I bless you, I do it with The Father’s Will in mind, because you see, your Soul sometimes, through some form, pleads for help in some way.  So be it.”

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