ON APRIL 23, 2001 AT 12:48 PM


“I am Saint Cecilia.

This present Gift of The Father’s Divine Love for all of human life, is a pleasure to All of Us Here in the Heavens.  Though Many of Our Names are mentioned in the written word, and stories of how We thought, acted, felt, were added to Our Name, but through This Gift of Divine Love that The Father has given to all of mankind at this time, is truly a Gift of Divine Love to human life and to All of Us Saints.

It is a privilege for Each of Us when We are beckoned to speak Words to aid, to instruct, to encourage, to help those who are yet in the human living stage of life.  It is so important that men, women and children of all degrees of intellect, all backgrounds, understand that they were created for a Goal, a Portion within them, called ‘a Soul’.

The birth of a child has an excitement to it.  It is a Miracle.  What human life truly feels is, in the human life no matter how small the child is, there is Something Greater to behold, and there is Purpose to the birth, a fulfillment of some order and definitely a Goal.

So many times in being introduced to different individuals, the little one, though just born, feels a connecting Link.  It is one Soul to another Soul, not just human instincts.

So much has been delivered through This Gift of Divine Love bearing the Name of The Beloved Holy Spirit, Saint Joseph, to enlighten all ages of human life of the importance of each day of life, and what they do in the day, throughout the day, has meaning to it, even though it is not interesting to them at the time.

Throughout the world there are so many different denominations organized, each one believing that there is a Purpose to life, and there is a Divine Being in charge of life, but it is always sad to hear any desecration to This Name, because The Heavenly Father uses so Many Portions of What Exists within Him to give diversion, and an Importance to the Many Facets of What He is All About.

Children are not being instructed properly in the Fact that in every act they participate in, every conversation, they are responsible for.

As I speak today, it is with great Love for human life, because in human life the Purpose is beyond what a human being realizes.  There is a Goal, and The Father is in control.  The Father constantly says to the Soul of an individual, ‘Encourage the one in whom I placed You to be aware that what they are involved in reflects in You, My Soul.’

Today as I speak, My Words may not be like Others Who have spoken before, but it is important that This Gift of Divine Love, bearing the Name of The Beloved Holy Spirit of The Creator, travel throughout the world. So be it.”

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