ON SEPTEMBER 3, 1999 AT 1:07 PM


“Mankind accepts tradition as a strength in many areas of daily life.  Tradition bears pride, especially when it is one matter or subject that brings people close to each other.

I will speak about tradition in its finest form.  Prayer should be a traditional act every day in everyone’s life.  Speaking to The Creator should be a daily act on one’s own beliefs in the fact that The Creator, as an Ultimate Purpose and Ultimate Being, is evident every moment of every day in everyone’s life.

There is very little being taught by so-called ‘learned religious’ men and women.  Children are not being instructed on their personal communication with The Creator of All Things, God Himself.

There is very little respect for This Creator, because mankind has, like another time, become so humanistic in values, in thinking, in actions, in interpretations and in beliefs, that humanism has become the point of acceptance, using all humanistic ideals, ideas, controls, as the necessary way to live as a human being in the world.

I speak today to alert all who will read My Words, and hopefully those who will hear about Them, that human life has a Divine Creator and This Creator is Powerful Above and Beyond what mankind knows power to be.  I have been allowed to put These Words in a different format than the way It is usually spoken, because there are certain individuals who might be able to better understand the importance of prayer, and the True Existence of The Creator of All Things.

I speak with deep Love for human life because I, too, once walked the path, and it is sad to hear individuals ignore All that has been delivered by so Many Here in the Heavens, because they have not been trained spiritually to understand the importance of human communication with The Divine.

Humanism has its place, but The Divine is The Creator and The Judge of all that every living human being practices, adheres to, is example of, strives for, and hopes to reach Sainthood with.

I could speak hours on this subject, but it is important to put it into a concise format, hoping that it will be remembered for what it truly is and means to men, women and children of all types of personalities, all backgrounds, all degrees of intelligence, and all abilities to fully understand that there is a Divine Creator they must report to at a given time.  So be it.”

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