ON JANUARY 17, 2001 AT 1:08 PM


“I am Saint Robert Bellarmine.  And I am Saint Charles Borromeo.  As We join Each Other in delivering Our Words to you today, it is to impart to millions of living human beings the Importance of the Soul they are the custodian of.

The word ‘Soul’ has been heard for thousands of years, but yet many men, women and children cannot truly feel the Importance of their Soul, because they cannot see It, cannot feel It.  You do see It, you do feel It, through how you speak, through your moral values, your moral standards, your moral intentions, and definitely through your association with other human beings.

It has been a long time since mankind has heard so much in regard to the Soul that each human being is the custodian of.

Throughout the world there is so much demonic action, participation, using all the means against not just The Commandments of The Creator, but using all the weaknesses that human life is capable of.

As I speak today, I speak with deep concern for all ages.  There is no age of human life that is not susceptible to ignoring what is pure for the Soul, for the Inner Life of what human life is all about.  The Inner Life of human life is logically the Soul, because it is through This Portion of human life that automatically reacts to protection against what is harmful to the human life in many ways.  The mind would not react as quickly, because the mind would be on another subject, thinking of another text of knowledge or action at that time.

The human being is a Gift beyond what each or any human being truly understands, because through the mind, there are so many facets that give to human life Gifts that are not always recognized as Gifts.  Just some of them can be good intentions, or the desire to help where it is needed; also, the ability to give hope in the dark hours of despair.

All these things, plus many more, are Gifts of human life, but rarely are they recognized because there are so many material interferences, plus the minds of other human beings interfere with good thoughts, good ideas, and hope in prayer to The Divine.

My Words, or I should say Our Words We have just spoken, may not be understood by some, but They are important Words, because They are to awaken all who will read Them to see that human life has many capabilities, and that human life has within it a God-given love for what is Valuable to the mind, to the body, and hopefully to the Soul.

The Words are different, but the meaning is indepthly woven so that those who put These Words into script will remember Them, and those who read Them will be reminded that human life has a definite Purpose, and in its Design it has Gifts that nothing else is the custodian of; just a few:  reasoning, understanding, and the ability to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’  So be it.”

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