ON MARCH 16, 2001 AT 1:12 PM


There are Two of Them:  Saint Robert Bellarmine and Saint Charles Borromeo.  They seem to be standing together.


“It took human life a very long time to fully understand the importance to learn many things that would be practical to their daily lives.  Later on, men, women and children became active in other areas that were available to encourage them to be interested in other facets of talents, and many talents became important items to human life.

The beginning of formal education was important, because in it, it gave to men, women and children a staunch attitude, understanding, giving security to be able to use their mentality for achievement in many areas that were necessary to be aware of, to be competent in, and to see advancement for.

You live in a time of much achievement, and there are many individuals who find challenge interesting, and yes, even exciting to the mind, because it creates the ability to seek out more definition and purpose for the different subjects that are necessary in the lives of millions of people.  Granted, each subject matter has a foundation, and in the foundation there are many aspects to be seen as points of development for the future of this.

We All smile through this little one, because all things are serious to her.  She understands the necessity of others learning more about the Soul that each human being is the custodian of, for a period of time.  In human life the Soul is Important, because It will be ‘the Living Part’ to remain, representing the one in whom It was given at a specific moment in time.

We show her many things regarding the future of human life.  The mentality of human life has been given the privilege to learn more indepthly on how to create progress, physical and material.  As the sun sets at a given time, no man, woman or child created the sun.  A Higher Being of Great Distinction was The Giver, The Creator, and is also The Controller.  Volumes could be spoken on the importance of what the sun does to the earth, to all the planets, and of course, to human life.

Today is important, as all days are, because each day gives every man, woman and child the time to become closer to The Creator by communicating with The Creator silently or openly, in speech, in actions, and in productivity.  This Gift of The Beloved Saint Joseph, is a Gift giving to human life more understanding regarding the Soul that each conception of human life becomes the custodian of.

She watches Us demonstrate How We speak.  It is important that children of all ages more fully understand they are never alone, because within them they have a Portion of The Creator, and they are in His Divine Plan for a Purpose:  to one day return to Him what is called ‘their Soul’, because It is a Portion of Him that gives them the strength to understand all things pertaining to the life called ‘man’.  So be it.”

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