ON APRIL 7, 1999 AT 1:37 PM


“I am Saint Christopher.

When you see a child kneeling, appearing to be praying, does this not make you feel the Presence that you cannot see, but you innately know is hearing what the little one is speaking?  Some reading This Statement may very well say that this act is natural, normal; it is the human way.

As I speak to you on this day in your time, you must believe What I say.  All that is occurring throughout the world is pleasing the enemy in many ways.  This enemy that is never seen in the form it exists, but in reality, it has many limbs, facets to it, and is always armed with revenge.  The foundation of this revenge is jealousy, jealousy of all that is Good, Pure, Heavenly.

The Father has given to the world a Gift beyond what mankind could ever be able to give in the human way.  Only The Almighty Creator has This Deep Love for the Creation of human life, and in this Creation, there is a Portion of Him, never seen in a physical form, but constantly evident in a multiple of ways.

Today as I speak from Where I am, My Words travel to you through a voice you can understand.  It is important that children begin to be instructed on the Importance of what human life was created for, and that many things they learn must be handled with decision of being correct, or possibly damaging to them in some format of what is available to harm them.

It is so easy for some to speak about what is moral, what is immoral, what is just, what is unjust or based on injustice, but how many individuals weigh what they say, practice in the human way, on whether they are proud to be remembered by for its good, or they act in a way that only the enemy of God and man is pleased with?

There are so many Lessons of Instruction that have been handed to the world through This Gift of The Father’s Love.  The Messages are not being spread far enough or fast enough.  There must be a way found for All Things that have already been spoken to be cast on the waters of the world, to countries throughout the world, demonstrating openly that in the True Existence of a Creator, they are never left alone, that He, too, speaks at ‘this time’, and His Directions must be learned, followed, and treated according to how He Decrees it to be for the good of the Souls that need the guidance of the ones in whom They are placed at the moment of conception.

We hear some say, ‘I believe All that has been delivered and I know that the Words must pass throughout the world, but I feel helpless in my abilities to do this.’ The Father’s Love for you will give you the energy, the strength and the way, if you but allow It to be seen, for it is evident that within you, you have the ability to pass to millions upon millions upon millions, What has been delivered thus far regarding the Importance of human life, Purpose, because of the Soul that is present in each human life, no matter what race, color or creed, no matter what degree of intellect.

Remember What I have spoken, and I beseech you to not cast These Words aside.  They are important.  There is no other place in the whole world that a Gift of This Divine Love can be traced to; only where you are.  Remember this.  So be it.”

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