ON FEBRUARY 2, 2000 AT 12:53 PM


“I am Saint Christopher.

We oftentimes hear men, women and children make a statement, calling a situation ‘a sign of the times’.  This statement, of course, means they relate to the time, the actions and the situation as a oneness in content, in meaning, in purpose.

At the beginning of the Creation of human life, The Father designed human life with an intellect, allowing the individual to learn many things.  Logically, at that time there was nothing for human life to imitate, so human life set the stage for what was to come.

The speech in human life is caused by how human life was created.  At first, the sounds were only understood by those around, but then in the advancement of human life, there was meaning put to the sounds, thus you have what you call ‘speech’ today.  All things that have an ultimate goal start with a beginning, a foundation, a basis.

Today as I speak through one small voice, there are millions of voices throughout the world speaking logically, illogically, some with very strong voices, some with very light voices, but the Creation of human life had a beginning.

At this time, throughout the world human life has reached a degree of intelligence in many fields, on many issues, for many reasons.  Time has a way of developing subject matter, particular conditions, and the reality of what human life is capable of, capable of producing, capable of conquering.

The Father has given to the world a Gift of Communication through one voice, thus allowing the Words to be put into script, not just educationally, but in a form and manner that everyone can associate with, and feel a part of.

When the first words were announced about a ‘Messiah’ a very long time ago, human life was in great need of This Occurrence, because of the necessity that human life needed in moral restrictions, moral understanding, moral communication, moral advancement, and the ability to comprehend a Supreme Power that was The Deliverer of all that human life was about.

All through time, in different areas of human life, men, women and children have advanced mentally, physically, spiritually.  There has been one area that human life has always needed to have a Superior Power instruct them in, and that of course is the Spiritual Foundation for which human life is accountable.

As I speak to you today, I speak with a deep Love and yet concern, because there are so many men, women and children of all ages who use their own interpretations regarding what is morally sound, morally correct, morally pure, morally comfortable, oftentimes omitting that in human life there is a Gift of Divine Love that gives to human life a closeness to The Creator that nothing else is created with.  It is called ‘a Soul’, ‘the Soul’.

In this very knowledge in this Fact, it gives to human life a Special Gift of Divine Love, separating human life from all other living matter or things.  That is why The Beloved Son of The Creator came to the earth Personally, and spoke openly to those around about what mankind knows as morality, Spiritual strength, and what The Father expects of all humanity to recognize, that ‘this creation’ is made to the Image and Likeness of The Creator, and is above all other creations that add to what human life needs in many ways.

As I leave you today, I beseech you to remember:  To be born as a human being is Greater than any other living matter or thing, and that is why it is important that human beings understand The Rules to live by, for man, are The Rules The Creator gave, separating human life from animal life and all other living things.

As I speak to you today, I beseech you to pass These Words on to awaken in others, not the rights they have, but the obligations they have to uphold the Purpose for which they were created, and the Greatness of the Gift for this life that nothing else has, because this is ‘the only creation’ that is to return to The Father a Portion that is a Portion of Himself within each human life, thus giving human life a Divine Love that nothing else is the possessor of; this unity that the Soul, as the Connecting Link, is the Greatest Gift of Divine Love that mankind is the custodian of daily, physically, mentally, and in each conscience, even when it is not shown openly by the individual in their actions.  So be it.”

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