ON OCTOBER 2, 2000 AT 12:43 PM


“I am Saint Christopher.

When a man, woman or child loses a material item, many times they become very upset, irritable, because the item was important to them.  Materialistic values are oftentimes so cherished, so personal, that an individual forfeits any loss to his or her moral values, moral standards, moral rules, moral conditions, because humanistic evaluation of things oftentimes supersedes the Precious Gift of human life, from the moment of conception on.

Why is it difficult for so many human beings to not see the value for which they were created:  first of all, the ability to communicate, the ability to achieve certain things in life worthwhile, the ability to learn about multiple ideas, facts, items of great importance?

In the beginning of time, mankind had to go through stages of learning how to speak because of necessity of communication, but words were not as they are now.  The Father has allowed time to give to human life so many advantages, more understanding of the Value of human life, and the Goal for which it was designed to attain at a given time.

There are millions and millions and millions of words yet to be learned, and better understood for the value they are to human life.  If changes like this had not taken place thousands of years ago, human life would still be in a state of no understanding.

The reason I have spoken on this today is because there is so little gratitude shown for the very Gift of human life, and all that it is able to do, plus the fact it has a Goal.  This Goal doesn’t mean great mental achievements, but it does mean that there is in each human life a Very Important Gift that no other living matter or thing has, and that is a Soul.  This Soul is a Portion of The Creator.  No Greater Gift could anything or anyone be the custodian of, but with this Gift there is a Goal, a Purpose that nothing else could ever achieve, and that is to return to The Father the Soul in a State of Purity.

Human life has been given the ability to understand what is pure over what is impure, what is just over what is unjust, what is right over what is wrong, what is truth over untruth, what is pleasing over what is displeasing, but the main factor to remember is protection of one’s Soul under all circumstances, conditions, temptations, because the Soul is to be returned to The Father.  It is a Goal for every human being born to the world that nothing else has, and so little is being recognized on this difference between human life and all other living matter or things.

All that I have spoken should be brought before millions of men, women and children, because it is not seen in the sound reality it exists.  The human mind very often ignores what is valuable and chooses what is enticing, encouraging, or more apt humanly to please.

What I have spoken is important because it is to awaken the minds of millions of individuals to the importance of what they think, what they do, what they say, and what Goal they truly see their life was created for one day.  So be it.”

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