ON SEPTEMBER 3, 1998 AT 12:50 PM


“I am Saint Clare.

When mankind feels the need for aid, he or she most times seeks out medical advice, concern, help.  At this moment throughout the world there is far greater need for Spiritual advice, understanding, than mankind can possibly conceive.

When a human mind finds great concern for the physical need, most oftentimes ignore the chance for immediate aid if they would but call to The Supernatural for help in some form, some degree, some source, some means.

The world is saturated with so many men, women, and a few children, who feel they have the ability to secure, and to fulfill the physical needs of thousands of human beings, many thus ignoring the Greatest Gift that mankind has, and that is a personal communication through their Soul, for immediate aid, advice and help, in a form, in a way, in a manner and a degree that will suffice.

Mankind, in many ways, has erased personal communication with The Creator, The One Who designed all things, Who holds all things in place, and Who heals all things, mental, moral, physical, psychological.  This, of course, includes all self-made weaknesses that human beings subject themselves to, rather than seeing the impact on their Soul as well as their body.

As I speak, I am fully aware of one great, serious rejection of This Gift of The Father’s Love, and that is through jealousy from many vocations that are held in high esteem.  In many ways mankind has ignored, dismissed, even totally forgotten that the Greatest Communication for all areas of human life are most times not even thought about when there is a need.

As I speak, I speak slowly, confidently, and with much concern for human life because, as you know, I experienced it at another time.  Also, as I speak, I must add a note for mankind to stop rejecting communications with The Saints.  They’re evident in many ways, and are available at all times.

Much Love passes through This Gift of The Father’s, much Assurance, and of course, always Divine Grace.  So be it.”

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