ON JUNE 3, 1999 AT 1:16 PM


“I am Saint Clare.

Mankind has been handed a Special Gift, One in which every individual human being can find Great Worth in different Facets, different Wording, different Ideas, according to their personality, their needs, their acceptances, their practices.  Nothing is put so pat that it does not give an individual the options that are acceptable to their way of life, their needs, their goals.

True, I am delivering This Message in a different way than you have previously heard, because it is important that men, women and children of all races, all colors, all denominations of Faith in God learn that, as an individual, they can practice with their own individuality what is morally sound, what is morally good, what is pleasing to The Creator.

Children must be taught that as they have a different personality, different nature, character, mentality, they can use all they are to please The Creator in everything they do.  All they must remember is that there have been Commandments deliberately given to human beings to follow, and there is no Commandment that is too difficult to follow.

I know I am delivering These Words in a different manner, but it is important that every individual human being find one thing in This Beautiful Miracle of Divine Love that attracts them, draws their attention, and encourages them to act as they understand morality to be:  pure, honest, decent and pleasing to The Creator of All Things.  So be it.”

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