ON MARCH 14, 2000 AT 1:14 PM


“I am Saint Clare.  Many of Us are present wherever this little one is present.  It is important, for This Gift of The Father’s Love that reveals to mankind of all ages the Importance of human life, and the Purpose for which it was created.  It is rare to hear someone speak openly, reminding men, women and children that they were born to the Image and Likeness of The Creator.

So many times men, women and children of all ages fall into paths that destroy their mentalities, their moralities, even to the point where the physical changes in many ways, some indescribable, because though a human being appears with all that he or she was born with, the mental has a great impact on how an individual presents himself or herself.  Sometimes it is in the manner of dress, sometimes in the manner of speech, sometimes in the manner of the form of discussion, the content.

The human mind is a Gift of Divine Love, because it is gifted with the ability of purity over impurity, justice over injustice, love over hate, respect over deception, vulgarity and inhuman attitudes, attributes.

Today as I speak, I speak in a manner different, probably expressive in ways rarely thought about in daily living, but it is important for men, women and children of all ages to look at human life in all that it is gifted with, and all that The Father expects from it, and of course, the Goal that each human life has the ability to reach for.

In daily living, men, women and children find competition.  Many find the desire to achieve what they feel is important, or will make them happier in some particular way.  Others have no desire because of circumstances, or their mentality lies dormant in any enthusiasm to be successful, to have growth in many areas of abilities to show creatively, materialistically or spiritually.

So Many Saints have spoken through This Gift of Divine Love, All encouraging human beings of all ages to adjust their thinking, their motives, their goals, to using everything they have, they are, they do, to reach the Highest Goal of human life, and that is Heaven.

If each one taking These Notes would interview one thousand people, all ages, all cultures, and all of different creeds, you would find much distortion, much negativism, also much confusion in why human life was created.

Granted, it has been written by some who have had the opportunity to put into script the Importance of human life, its Goal, but how many individuals of all ages, when approached by decisions appealing yet not proper, ignore the importance of the Goal of purity of the mind and the body, rather than look for the interest or experience, that in many ways, could be detrimental to their whole being?

You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and you may ask as you read These Words, ‘Why is Sodom and Gomorrah always pointed at as such an undesirable goal, practice?’ There were many times in the History of human life that were undesirable morally, mentally, physically, spiritually, but Sodom and Gomorrah stood out because of the vileness in it that was obvious, and the disgraces attached to human life that were practiced.

Today as I speak, I speak Words of importance to encourage all who will read These Words, and all the Other Words that have been delivered through This Gift of The Father’s Love, that human life has a Goal, a Distinct Purpose above all other living matter or things, and that is to return to The Creator, the Soul.

We hear so many say, ‘If I have a Soul, why can I not see It?’ You do, in the very fact that human life has all the sensitivities that causes human life to know right over wrong, good over evil, love over hate, truth over untruth, decency over indecency.

The enemy works many hours every day, something that the enemy of God The Father and man has the ability to do, never stopping because of the jealousy, that one Soul, two Souls, a hundred Souls, a thousand Souls will one day be with The Creator, to be together once again for All Eternity.

As I speak, I speak with deep Love for human life.  I speak with deep concern, because throughout the world at this time, there is so much unhappiness, so much discord, morally, mentally, physically, and such a lack of understanding in not just the possibility of The Creator’s Presence, but the Truth that there is a Creator of All Things that is Present every moment of every day.

I could speak hours on end, no stops in between, but I plead with you:  read to the extent you are capable of, and see the Value in This Gift of Divine Love that no human being would have the ability to express, in such a personal way, the Importance of human life because it has a Soul that exists because It is a Portion of The Creator.

Do not forget, as you become attached to certain people other than in your own family, many times the Souls are what draw you together, because the Souls desire to be returned to The Creator for All Eternity.  So be it.”

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